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{August 20, 2015}   Alan: The Ultimate Periscoper

Hi everyone! I hope everyone has been doing well since I’ve last posted. I know it has been quite a while. Now that I think about it, maybe I should ask for updates on what’s new in your life. Anyone give birth? Married? Found love? Lost love? Anyway, I hope life has been good to each of you!

I’m usually the last to know things. By things, I mean new social sites, news, changes in social sites . . . changes in general really. I don’t care for change. I rebel against any slight change. So, when I receive invites to join a new social site (usually coming from my friend Karla) I’m torn between “HELL no, not another site to learn and keep up with. No way.” And “If I want to keep my name out there for my writing, I must be active on the latest social sites as well as the current ones.” Eventually, I’ll join the new site and see if and how I will be able to utilize it to help promote, learn and stay up to date with what’s going on in the world. I try to give it a good six months. More often than not, I end up deleting my profile. Although I enjoy conversing with friends and followers on the sites I have not used the sites solely for “fun” purposes, until now.

First of all, I actually found out about this new site before Karla and was able to teach her of a new site for once! Shout out to Christina for the turning me on to Periscope.

What is this Periscope I speak of, you ask? It’s fun as shit! But that’s not really a description is it? Easiest way to explain it: it’s like twitter but live video. Someone takes a video and the followers can “tweet” questions, statements etc in real time. It’s pretty damn cool.

Now, I’m not really certain exactly how I ran across this one dude, Alan, but praise all that’s holy I did. He is not only cute as can be, he’s hilarious. But we all know my sense of humor is a bit off (no offense intended Alan). It’s nothing specific I can put my finger on but the dude cracks me up! He lives in LA yet he seems to have that small town heart. I think that’s what makes him so endearing. He always tries to say hi to everyone who comments during his live stream. He seems to be a tidbit shy if someone says how cute he is. It’s freakin ADORABLE! Now, all this being said he’s in law enforcement. I don’t say that negatively. It takes allot of balls to be in law enforcement especially is such a large city. Before anyone chews my ass … yes, I understand there are good cops and some bad cops. Alan is clearly one of the good ones. How do I know this? After all, he has never pulled me over. You can tell allot about someone by watching them just goofing around. A genuine person, when goofing around, you can see it in the eyes. You can feel it in the laugh. You feel a certain kinship toward someone you can watch live stream where ANYTHING can happen and trip the person up. A fake person, a con, can’t do that for long. It’s all in the eyes if you look deep enough. Alan is one cool guy…I’m sad (just a little) that I don’t know him as a friend in person. But then again, one cool as shit guy and one up for almost anything hippy . . . I can see some trouble coming. However, it would be one hell of a friendship! One to remember.

All joking aside, Periscope is the shiznit. Go check it out and don’t forget to follow Alan. Guaranteed some laughs and you’ll come out of it with a much lighter heart. Thank you Alan!!

Here is a recent video from Alan. Go watch . . . now, because it only stays up 24 hours! If you view this after the video expires just go to my Periscope @WriterAJCarroll and look under my follows or go directly to his page @Jewce22

Until next time . . . Peace



{October 14, 2014}   The Next Chapter

Hi everyone! Thank you for visiting my blog. My name is AJ. I originally began writing this blog in an attempt to work through some personal issues deriving from my divorce some five years prior. Not only did this blog provide a safe place for me to put words to the feelings I was dealing with, I believe this blog sometimes served as a life boat for me. When I felt helpless, hurt, angry, alone, confused and exhausted, I would turn to my blog and just write letting it all out. I immediately felt better emotionally, but I also felt mentally centered, if that makes sense.

It was also my hope, I would be able to reach out to those who may be feeling some of the same feelings I was dealing with. If I could help just one person know she/he was not alone . . . as I often felt, I knew it would be worth opening myself up this way. By the way, opening up, being so exposed, is not easy for me.

I wanted to find when and where I lost the woman I once was. The woman I loved. The one I had self confidence in. The woman I was before the end of my husband of 20 years walked out on me and our three kids deciding he “no longer wanted to be married”. I wanted to find the woman I knew was still somewhere deep inside of the woman I had become. I’m not proud of that woman. She was bitter, in so much pain, each day was a struggle, and she had given up on love completely. Hence the name of this blog. How I Ended Up This Way. It didn’t happen overnight and wouldn’t be fixed overnight. However, I knew it was within me to dig deep and rediscover the woman who believed in love and saw the world as a place to enjoy and experience life instead of something I would have to endure day after day.

As it turned out, from the very first blog post… I received so many stories from my readers saying “I’m in tears… this could have been written about me” or “I thought I was the only one who felt this way. I truly felt alone in the world”. Hearing these words, my pain fell to the wayside. I had a new mission. It was to do whatever I could, using my experiences, to reach out to help these lovely people not feel so alone.

Once my mission became clear, I was like falling back into my old self. By telling my story and some wacky stories along the way, I found the woman I had been searching for all along. To my readers and those who shared your stories via comments … I am so grateful to you.

As I make my way through the next chapter of my life, I hope you will continue to read my blogs and take this journey with me wherever it may lead me. We’ll share some laughs, maybe a few tears, but definitely encouragement that you are not alone in this!

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Until next time…

Knightdale Dragons: Let’s Do This!

Hi everyone! Welcome. Most of you have probably heard of the site If you haven’t, take a minute and check it out. Basically, it’s a web site anyone can post a request asking friends, family even strangers to donate money to help said person purchase whatever they need may have at the time. In theory, it’s meant to help those who cannot afford to cover certain necessities. Sounds pretty simple right?
I’ve actually struggled with such sites. As with any “donation” requests, for lack of a better word, you have a good amount of bullsh#ters just trying to get money because they can. It’s unfortunate and I personally do not understand how anyone could in any circumstance can scam people out of money and to top it off . . . have no conscience about it. You know I’m right on this one. Then there’s the other issue I am dealing daily. With one kid in University and leaving in two weeks to spend a year in Japan as well as another child graduating this year, my funds are squealing I’m squeezing so tight.

There’s a third issue. I have a true need myself. I almost lost my life but for the Grace of God last September and in the process totaled my Jeep. I have not been able to replace it. I have three children and no vehicle and no means to replace it. Yet, I didn’t feel right about posting asking for money. Especially the couple thousand it would require to purchase a decent car. So, in my mind . . . why on earth would I donate to someone unless it was a dear friend? I just don’t have it. This is my struggle with this site.

Yesterday, I saw something which caused me to have a change of heart. Now, I am fond of the Lizard Lick Towing crew; each one. I’ve been lucky enough to interact with them on several occasions. I admire the way they run the business, I admire the way they so obviously allow God to be first. There’s so many reasons to admire them. Oh, let me just say right quick for those who think the Lick crew is scum because they are in the repo business. After my divorce years ago, I had a repo. I took the keys to the company. I was responsible for the payments, I couldn’t make them, and I returned the car. I didn’t hide the vehicle. I didn’t stay on the run with it. I didn’t burst into the office breaking things because my car was gone. So, let’s not berate the Shirley’s for doing their job. (This is my statement not Ronnie nor Amy’s).

Back on point. I ran across a Vine from Ronnie Shirley speaking about the GoFundMe account he has established. After reading the post, I knew I had to do something. I immediately posted on Facebook and twitter and retweeted it several times. Since it is now past 3:00 am, and I haven’t slept, obviously that just wasn’t enough. So, I go to my writing hoping to reach all my readers. There’s a few thousand so it has to make some difference right? So many of us are blessed in that we can provide not only the necessities but the recreational sports equipment needed for our kids and the community. Even if sometimes, doing this takes our last dollar. But we give our last dollar so our kids can be a part of a team. Not only because they want to play but because the ripple effect playing a sport puts into is motion is immeasurable. I don’t have to go into how many times it’s been proven playing at least one sport largely keeps kids out of trouble. And that is just one positive . . . extremely positive aspect of being able to play on a team. In Ronnie’s post he mentions wanting his sons to play in a league with good solid character reinforcing. Not like some leagues have become . . . all about the win . . . coaches in it for the wrong reasons…etc. Down here, I’m lucky enough to have a great community with wonderful volunteers. We are also blessed with having the equipment needed to learn, play and fellowship. We have a place for our kids to go after school. A field to play on. Ronnie’s team, the Knightdale Dragons, is not so fortunate.

As Ronnie’s post will tell you (I won’t list them all I’ve talked enough) they have nothing. Zilch. Not even a field. They do have one thing however. They have kids who want to be involved. Who want to be a part of a team. This team really needs our help guys. Please go check out Ronnie’s post Just take a few minutes and read it. If you are able, I know these kids would be so grateful. If you are unable to help, that’s ok too. I would still encourage you to go read about these great kids. I’m headed there right now.

Oh, and Ronnie and Amy are matching the first $3500.00. That is sure to buy every possible thing this team needs!

Thanks guys!

Until next time . . . PEACE
AJ Carroll

{August 10, 2014}   Why I Love Nerds

Hello everyone! Welcome. It’s pretty easy for me to find enjoyment out of everyday life. I mean, I seek out the humor in almost every situation. Of course, this is not always possible, but I do cherish the times when it is possible to laugh at life.

Which brings me to one of the funniest TV shows I’ve seen in a very long time; The Big Bang Theory.

First, let me tell you a little about the show, in case you have never seen it. Basically, there are four rocket scientists. Actually, three scientists and one engineer. Sheldon is a genius. He is the smartest, most anal and put simply, a perfectionist. He has no social skills, although, he does try. For about four seconds. It’s easier just to do things his way, which is pretty much what everyone does. Enter the beautiful new neighbor, Penny.

Penny is an aspiring actress whom Leonard falls in love with at first site. Raj can’t speak to women unless he has at least one sip of liquor.  Howard is, according to Sheldon, an under-achiever because he doesn’t hold a doctrine. He is merely an engineer living at home with his loud mouth Jewish mother.

Here is a clip which sums up the show pretty well.

There are just so many bits of joy that is embedded in this show; way to many too mention. However, I thought I’d share a few of my favorites with you. Who  knows, this may convert you into a nerd lover as well!

1) The Sarcasm Sign :

 2) I must include this clip after the scarcasm . . . there really should be a “sacrcasm sign”.

3) Positive Reinforcement :

4) Penny’s Addiction :

5) Sheldon’s Childhood Issues :

6)   Always Willing To Help :

7)  Last but certainly not least – Who’s Smarter Sheldon or Leonard?

And just because it’s funny to tell your friend’s mother on you :

Hope you enjoyed this little trip into what makes me tick. Told ya, warped.

Until next time . . . PEACE


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