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{July 5, 2010}   RIP Tim 7/4/1991

Just wanted to say a prayer and a mention of my brother Tim who died on July 4, 1991.

Tim, my brother, my best friend, the one that always had “my back”. I love you so much and miss you every day. I wish you had lived long enough to meet my children, for them to know what a wonderful loving uncle they had. I tell them stories of our childhood. I tell your daughter stories of the child and the man you were. She is 22 now and has blessed us with YOUR grandchild!

So although you are no longer with us, you remain a part of our lives everyday. Through our stories, through your child and now, through your grandchild. You will forever live in our hearts.



miguel says:

it was the most wonderful words for a brother .. in my case i nver had brothers or sister but if i would have been a sister i believe that you were my sister because i know that your brother always will be proud of you … congratulationssss… and please don´t stop of writing … here you have a reader ..

Amy Crowder says:

Awwweee how sweet!!! Reminds me of recently loosing my Nana….She will live on through my memories…. and my families memories… this is the best way we can keep them alive to us as we are here without them…as you are keeping your brother’s alive….and as miguel said, “please don’t stop writing”, here you have another reader 🙂 love, Amy

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