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{July 25, 2010}   Setting the Record Straight

Welcome everyone! I’ve gotten so much support from you guys and I thank you so much!

So, I’ve been catching some gruff lately about….well, some say I have been “bad mouthing” my ex. I don’t feel like I have been doing that, however, I will set the record straight.

I have not and will not put him down in a negative way. We both had a hand in the destruction of our marriage…he’s just the one who walked. He’s a great father and I am glad he is “my baby daddy”.

This blog is about me. It’s not about him or his faults. It’s something I felt like I needed to do and I can only hope my words will help someone else who is at the point I was three and a half years ago. No matter what you think now or feel now, it does get better. Before it can get better, though, you have to let it go. I mean, really let it go.

As long as you hold on to what “used to be” you can never get to “what’s to come”. And there is so much more to experience in your life! I was so scared of letting go of everything I knew, that I was missing what was going on around me. It doesn’t mean I have forgotten the good times, or the bad. But I don’t let either run my life anymore.

Oh, and about that whole year vow thing, the year is over-the vow is over. However, I also don’t feel the need to fill my life with casual experiences.

For now, I am happy just being me.

Til next time……Peace



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