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{July 30, 2010}   From Dread to Giving….

Hi Everyone!

I knew this day would come. For the last two years, I have dreaded this day. I woke up this morning, not just another year older, but 40….the BIG 40. I wonder how that happened so quickly. I was just 29 with a 6, 3 and 1 year old! I guess if I look at my now 17, 13 and 12 year old, it shouldn’t come as such a shock.

My oldest, a girl, will be graduating next year. My middle, also a girl, is a teenager. And my baby boy, my baby boy is almost a teenager! WOW, time really does fly!

For years, maybe even centuries, the older and wiser generation have always told the younger generations how fast life moves. They tell you that one day, you will wake up and your kids are grown, it’s just you and your spouse dealing with the “empty nest” syndrome. They have also said that before you can begin to wonder how so much time has slipped by you, unnoticed, your grandchildren begin to enter the world. We won’t even begin to go to that place right now!

What they don’t tell you, and what I have begun to understand, is all this time…this time that now has me wondering how it got past me so quickly….was able to pass by, unnoticed, because I was too busy living my life. The lucky ones, as I now understand, fill their life with family, whoever they may be, friends, work …. if you are doing what you love – something which brings a sense of purpose in your life.

I was too busy living my life to notice I was getting older in years (at least until I realized I was turning 40!). However, my heart is still somewhere in my late twenty’s to mid thirties, which is awesome place to be!

Age is relative. Do I feel old now that I have left my thirties behind me? Do I have to give up goofing around with my kids or playing basketball on the court with my 13 year old? Not at all. I am no older than I was yesterday, at least in my heart.

Something very special happened to me this morning. If I had known yesterday that I would wake up with a very special and surprising well wishes from a wonderfully gracious Actor, ex-WWE, former Georgia Bulldog football player, former NFL player … I could go on and on. However, had I known this wonderful man, Bill Goldberg, would be wishing me a “Happy 40th Birthday” I would have turned 40 a lot sooner!

Most of us know who Bill Goldberg is. We see the actor, former professional wrestler and former Georgia as well as former NFL football player. Put simple, he’s awesome. However, most of the American public is not aware of his extreme generosity towards others. He gives so much more of himself and his time than any of us realize. He’s not a “bragger”. He doesn’t give of himself so that he can broadcast it to the world. He does it for the people in need and it comes from his heart.

I requested from Bill, a couple of charities that he holds close to his heart. I asked him this, because he does give so much of himself. We should all be so considerate of others.

This year, for the BIG 40, I will be giving the gifts. I will be donating to the two charities that Bill holds close to his heart. I will also dedicate myself that I may learn more about these charities and provide any assistance they need.

I encourage you to look within yourself and if you feel the need, that pull that we all have felt at one point or another, please give what you can. In monetary value or give some of your time.  Both are well appreciated by the charities.

 Communities 4 kids

 Jimmy V Foundation

 Thank you.  And thank you Bill for being yourself.

 Until next time……PEACE



Mark says:

Happy birthday! I can’t wait to read more about those charities. 🙂

I know…I’m really interested in learning about them as well…I’m gonna get on that in the morning…

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