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{August 14, 2010}   Poem “Mom”

**** UPDATE: Due to the returning success and interest in this blog site, I have decided to continue writing under this address. Please delete FindingAJ blog…..Thanks for hanging in there! AJ

 Hello everyone! Let me first start by saying thank you again for all the support with this blog!! You’ve given me so much support that I feel I have to make adjustments to the blog and have decided to move the main focus of the blog to take on other issues besides my struggles. To commence this, I have started a new blog with a new address.

One of the main reasons that I decided to make this move is due to a poem my 13 year old daughter wrote for me. I have tried to show my girls and my son how to remain strong during battles and have done my best do set a good example. The poem, which I did not ask for, makes me feel I am getting something right!

I also want to focus more on charity work and bringing some of those charities to light. More talking about others and less talking about myself. If you have a favorite charity, please let me know….I will check it out.

So, on the eve of this blog and with the journey to the next step, here is the poem from my daughter entitled “Mom”. Please share it with someone you love, and be sure to follow me to

Thanks!  AJ…..PEACE


She stands alone, both tall and true,
The perfect picture of solitude.
The soul of a woman encased in bark,
With limbs that move in a majestic arc.

She’s faced the storms of life,
The wind, rain, disease, and strife.
Others gave up,
But no, not she,

She stands there, for all to see. 

She’s had her share of troubles and woes,
But she made it through,
She still grows.

 Like her,
I know grief and pain,
I’ve faced wind, felt rain.
& Like her, I still stand tall.
Though life will beat me,
I will not fall.

In the end, I shall grow.

 Each storm increases my strength
And beneath my skin,
My soul’s to thank.

The willow and I,
We know what to do,
I’ll count on myself

To make it through.

marinasleeps says:

OMG … I would have bought a car for her after that poem. You must be a great mom!

I really try to be! She is so considerate and I have tried to stay postitive and try to keep my personally issues with the ex and my feelings in check when I’m around there. I have tried fro almost 4 years now to show them its ok to be sad and even cry sometimes, get made sometimes, but not to hold a grudge and try to just let it go bc it only hurts them….I really didn’t know (although we talk) that she really really was getting it! I was so proud to read that poem…..cryed….She has tons of them. So, she shares, some is just for her….she is actually writing a book her self! Very talented and if she choses this path to follow, she will do great!


Hey, I just posted my new blog….you might enjoy!!

Thank you for your comment. My daughter is very talented and what you say may be true…..however I will NEVER discourage her in her writings. She is 13 and writing a book. I do intend to check this out, but by NO means will I not give her praise with whatever she does.

As I said, I will never discourage her.


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