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{September 27, 2010}   The Saga of Leann and Eddie….Can We Just Let It End?

Hello everyone, welcome.

Boy, when I open up a can of worms, I do it right! My twitter family knows what I mean. If you don’t follow me, well…’ll understand very quickly!

Let me first just say, this blog post is MY opinion. Leann and Eddie did not participate in the creation of this post.   

I made a comment to Leann Rimes the other day via Twitter, supporting her relationship with Eddie’s children. My support of her has not pleased a lot of people. However, I believe, that the multiple tweets sent to me, my replies, then re-tweets back….etc, makes it impossible to go into the Leann Rimes/Eddie Cibrian saga (in detail) that has now sprouted a whole life of it’s own. Again.

So, I thought I would take this opportunity to fully address where I am coming from. I am not trying to sway anyone’s beliefs. I don’t believe that is why God put me here and more specifically, right in the middle (indirectly) of Leann’s and Eddie’s business. We are each responsible for our choices and each have to make own decisions in life based on our morals and beliefs. I do not believe that God put me here to stand in judgment of Leann and Eddie or anyone else for that matter. When it comes down to it, I will be the only one standing before God on Judgment Day answering for my own short comings. I strongly believe He will not ask me “Why did you not condemn Leann and Eddie?

I do not condone how they got together. NOT that I was there and therefore, I honestly do not know anything about it, other than what the press says. I do not believe everything I read in those magazines. I am not saying it didn’t happen, I’m saying it’s none of my business how the relationship began.

My support comes from what are they to do now? And that is providing a stable home, on both sides, for the children. Making sure the children know whether they are with mom or with dad and Leann, they are in a loving and safe environment.

No matter how much you feel Leann is to blame for the breakup, slamming Leann is not good for those kids. Unfortunately, everything they say and do is portrayed in the media. And before anyone says this, let me address it first….neither should anyone, including Leann, slam Eddie’s ex. She is their mother, their only real mother. But surely, there is a place in their hearts and lives for someone else who loves them? Isn’t it so much better that Leann looks at them as her family other than only being “Eddie’s Girlfriend” and them being “Eddie’s kids”?

I know that Eddie’s ex is hurt. I know seeing Eddie and Leann in the media makes it ten times worse. I know that seeing the boys with another woman in their lives is very painful…..I personally don’t know what I would do in her shoes. She has every right to these feelings…I’m not claiming otherwise. However, everyone that continues to keep this issue on the forefront of the media and keeping it alive is not helping her heal.

The issues involving the children should be handled between the parents. I don’t feel Leann is not trying to take the kids’ mother’s place. She’s admitted her mistakes. She’s just trying to find her place in their lives.

My thing is, “ok, this happened….wish it would have been done differently, but since we can’t go back and do it over…… where do we go from here?” “How can we make this situation the BEST that we can for these boys?”

Basically put, it’s none of our business. You may not agree with me or with how they got together, but it’s for all of them to work out. Not us.

I know I will no longer comment on these issues. I have made the decision to keep my nose out of their issues. I only hope that others will take my decision and reflect on it, and possibly adopt it as their own. Only then will they be able to deal with these issues and thereby begin the healing process.

 Till next time……Peace



I echo this sentiment 100%. The problem is that most of us are sharks feeding on the misery of others as it floats in the water; especially the pain of those we are far removed from. Safety in distance and numbers.

Exactly…..some people just don’t get it. Celeb or not, we should remember that important point…it’s NOT our biz!

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