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{October 4, 2010}   My 15 Minutes of Fame

Hi everyone! Welcome….Come in, have a seat! My week was incredibly awesome! You know when you just have a great week? Nothing extraordinary happened, it was just a great week. Don’t you just love those days?

One unusual thing did happen though. I have been a Days of Our Lives fan for almost 30 years. Yep, since I was about 11 years old. Back when Marlana was fighting her increasing feelings for Roman….the first go round. So when my smart phone emailed me to tell me I had a new twitter follower, I knew the name right away. After all, his storyline has had him playing the villain, the good guy fighting not to be like his devilish (the one we love to hate) father and the tortured soul that earned him the love and respect of Days fans worldwide. And of course, those of us with a romantic soul couldn’t help but fall in love with his character as he was falling in love with the one and only love of his life, Anna.

That’s right folks, Thaao Penghlis also known by his Days’ character, Tony (and at one time, Tony’s EVIL cousin, Andre….but we’ll save that for another time).

As I looked at my phone and did a double take to confirm it was indeed Thaao’s name, I became so excited!! I’ve always loved his character and Thaao’s acting as well. And HE chose to follow ME! Wow. I have a few celebrities that follow my twitter and blog, so I just figured maybe he just saw me on one of the Days twitter pages, thought I was someone else and added me. Maybe he had heard about my blog from the couple of actors that read it regularly. I really didn’t care the how or why, he was following me! And I loved it!

Within a few minutes, I went straight to my computer to verify what I actually was reading on my phone. I was still shocked that the man I had admired and the heart of the “DiMera” family would pick me to follow! Seriously guys, I have really liked Thaao since I was just a kid. I hadn’t asked him to follow me, in fact, I didn’t even know he was on twitter.

Alas, it was not meant to be. By the time I got on my laptop, he was no longer following me. So apparently he didn’t know about my blog (shucks). Or, he found out quickly, that I was not someone he knew. I was indeed disappointed. Thaao dumped me. I was being dumped by a twitter celebrity, a long time favorite of mine twitter celebrity.

That was the end of my, well, lets say five minutes, of fame. However, I have to say how cool it was, that for just a few minutes someone I felt like I grew up knowing, noticed me! Well, ok, maybe he didn’t notice me. But he did follow me……for about five minutes! And that is good enough for me

Until next time….Peace



Now ain’t that cool? Love the attitude!

It IS cool! I was always drawn to his charactor…..and you got to make the best of things or life will kill you!!! LOL

Jessica says:

Aww that’s funny… If only he could see this blog!

Thanks….I did tweet him the address and told him I had him in there……so, hopefully!!

Merle Goldwyn says:

I’ve read your responses on Twitter. Don’t take this too much to heart. Thaao’s Twitter page has been compromised somehow…with someone fishing to have him “follow” a lot of people and then dump them before the real Thaao would find out just to build up his “followers” numbers. He has been made aware of the situation and hopefully will solve the problem when he’s back in the states. If you stick with it and keep writing him tweets, hopefully he will really follow you in the future. Also, there’s the guestbook at his official website which he reads and responds to regularly. Take care.

Oh, I don’t take it to heart. I hate that that has happened to him…if nothing else, I know he’s on here now! however it happened, I had to write about it bc he is such a great actor and a favorite of mine.

Hopefully, he will follow me! I’d love that!

Merle says:

Thaao’s a favorite of mine too. But I suspect he’s given some overzealous fans of his access to that Twitter page or they’ve hacked it or something. At one point, the people he was following seemed legit, especially if you really know about him and his interests. At one point, it was jacked up to him following 900 people, now it’s down to 12. I think he has a private Twitter account that he really follows and tweets to…but the public one is messed up. I suspect that at least 75% of that account is someone pretending to be him, especially with replies sent to fans…and I’m pretty sure I know who the Fake Thaao really is. I voiced concern about it to a few people and now I’m blocked from being able to send messages to him at all. Coincidence? I think not.

Yes, that’s a little more of a coincidence! You KNOW if it was really him, he would say so but most def not block you! That’s crazy!

But you know, it wouldn’t surprise me if he didn’t have a twitter account, knowing how private he is.

It makes for a good story though, huh? LOL


Merle says:

I don’t think the real Thaao blocked me. To tell you the truth, I think he’s pretty clueless about Twitter. It’s the moderator of the Twitter page that blocked me. I do think about half the tweets are his…Chile, the fancy dinner party, Phil Morris and Jane Badler, etc. But the crap about the “package” and Rubicon, et. cet., I find really doubtful. He may just be texting his tweets to whoever’s running the page and is either oblivious or uncaring of what the moderator is doing. I guess if there’s any up side to being blocked, it is that I doubt he really reads anything the fans are saying anyway. Also, it was pretty lame how the moderator had Thaao “follow” people like you just to build up his “followers” numbers only to dump them later. So now there’s a nice big followers number…but it doesn’t mean anything.

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