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{October 6, 2010}   Do They Have A Remote For That?

Hi Everyone. Welcome.

In today’s age of technology, we have remote controls for many of our household and/or office furniture.  From televisions and DVD’s to automatically starting your car so that it can warm up while you’re waiting inside your house, the remote control has definitely made our lives so much easier.

In fact, remotes have become such a daily used item that we don’t realize what it feels like anymore to have to actually get up and turn the TV by using a channel “knob”. Does anyone else remember those TV’s?

I didn’t realize, though, how badly I had become addicted to the use of remotes until this morning. See, we recently moved. In our old place, we had a ceiling fan with a light. Just your typical ceiling fan. However, the owner had attached one of those things (don’t know what they are called) but it attaches to the fan and light and has …. you guessed it, a remote control that lets you turn the fan on/off or 3 levels AND let’s you turn on/off the light and dim it. All while lying in bed. So, I loved this! Coolest remote ever made, I contend.

This morning, I got up, got the kids off to school and was going to chill by relaxing on the bed and watching “Beyond Belief; Fact or Fiction. But dad installed two long fluorescent bulbs so it’s really bright. I think he did this on purpose, cause he always lectures me (even at 40 years old) that “Don’t sleep under a fan, you’ll get sick”. So, I think he installed the unusual size unit so I wouldn’t be able to put a fan up….

Anyway, I’m chilling out on the bed, TV’s on and it’s really bright because of the fluorescent lights. I think to myself, “Shoot, I forgot to turn off the light”. How many times has this happen to you? I reach for my fan/light controller to easily turn off the light. Oh, yea…..I DON’T HAVE ONE!!!.

I became addicted to having this remote so I wouldn’t even have to get out of bed to turn the light off! But before I realized this was the cause of my irritation, I’m thinking to myself “Jeez, I can’t believe I forgot to turn off the light, now I got to get out from under the comfy covers walk over just to turn off the lights!”

Once I realized how much I had depended on having this luxury, I couldn’t believe how lazy I was at that point. That was really pretty pathetic!! 

Now, I have no remote for the lights, no overhead fan and as hard as it is to deal with this inhuman way to live, I have finally become accustom to it and all is good again.

Oh, between you and me, you can buy this product at Home Depot for about $40.00. I wonder if they have a remote that will go get it for me? Paycheck anyone?

Until next time……Peace



You know, I sometimes I believe that someone has invented a remote control that runs me, because there are times when I am talking in a group, or writing a comment to a blog post, when all of a sudden I’ll just stop. Or maybe I’ll branch off in the conver…

LOL…you and me both! Sometimes, I wish I did have a remote control cuz just don’t want to do what I need to get done!!!

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