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{October 13, 2010}   Someone May Get Hurt

Hello everyone, welcome.

Ok. Let me just say, I love my mom dearly. She is the strongest person I know. She is intelligent, pretty, somewhat patient and has a very loving personality. It’s not hard to love her.

However, someone may soon get hurt. See, her and my dad both are diabetics so they have to watch their diets. They do a great job of watching it go straight out the window everyday! Since she was diagnosed with cancer, she really has started eating better. She doesn’t buy a lot of junk food. She actually goes down the fruit isle and buys fruit. I used to have to actually ask her to buy fruit for the kids, so it’s a pretty good change.

So what is the problem? For years, she has had “hiding” places where she would hide candy from my dad. That way, she’d have a little candy if she wanted it, and the kids would have candy….like they needed it.

The other day, I was in the mood for candy. I really didn’t care what it was, I just wanted candy. I go look in her first hiding place. Nothing. No worries, she has two other hiding places. I go to the second. Again,nothing. I begin to get a little antsy. Where’s the candy? I know she must have some. Third hiding place….nothing! Ok, so now, I’m a little irritated. I mean, when I want candy, I REALLY want candy.

“Deep breaths”, I tell myself. I probably just over looked it. I go back to the first (which is the main) hiding place. I squat down, just so I can see real good, look in the corner and absolutely nothing! I was really agitated at that point. She ALWAYS has some kind of candy!

I walk around the kitchen, look in the refrigerator for something that might calm the candy beast inside of me. Of course, nothing sweet there. Walking to the pantry, I am grumbling under my breath, “there had better be something in the pantry.” Walking away from the kitchen, empty handed as there was no candy to be found, I am trying to talk myself out of the need for sugar. It’s not working.

The next day, still craving sugar, I begin my search again. And once again, I come up empty handed. I am not going through another day of this! I ask my dear mother, “where’s all the candy?”. That’s when she begins to inform me of her newfound no junk policy. Was she kidding me?! I walk away more than a little irritated, mumbling my distain at the situation and trying not to be disrespectful (at least where she can hear me). Oh, and still without sugar!

It took about a week, but I was finally able to get up to the store and get some candy. I have to say, all the waiting and searching made it taste less that it’s usual wonderfulness.

Next time I go on a sugar hunt, there better be some candy or someone will get hurt! Although, I won’t say I’m not going to be the one hurting……just saying.

Til next time……Peace



I hide stuff too. In a family of six, you have too!

I know!!! Isn’t it funny….my kids always found my stash though! Esp my son!


Michelle says:

THIS IS SOOOO FUNNY! I can just see you getting furious! 🙂

OH yea!! And YOU know I ain’t pretty when I’m mad!!!! LOL


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