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{October 18, 2010}   What I Learned By Using Twitter

Hi everyone, welcome!!

My family, friends and even my twitter family know how much I hate change. This includes the ever changing computer technology. Keep things simple, if it works don’t mess with it!!

When the World Wide Web was born, I didn’t look forward to using it. I mean, I understood the vast knowledge base it would provide, but I’m skeptical. Who could see what I was searching for? Could they see what was on my hard drive? Could they hack into my bank accounts to steal my information and rob me blind? Needless to say, it took me awhile to warm up to using the web on a regular basis.

My hesitation included Facebook, Myspace and yes Twitter. If my children weren’t on Facebook and Myspace….I wouldn’t even be on either social networks.

My reluctance or should I say, my adamant refusal to conform to social network sites, was the strongest towards Twitter. I always associated Twitter with Ashton Kutcher. To me, Ashton is the face of Twitter. My thoughts were, “why would I want to keep up to date with what the celebrities were eating for breakfast?” Was I really that desperate to keep up to the minute updates on the celebrities? “Did I really need to know (and see the picture) of Bill Goldberg’s 12 egg white omelet? Well, that one was pretty cool. And I LOVE to see video cam’s of his hot rod cars! Bill really interacts with his fans, even let’s us ride “shotgun”.

Twitter launched in approximately 2006. I didn’t sign up until around June of this year. I signed up with the sole purpose to network and promote my blog and my up coming book. I thought it was a necessary evil. Let me just say, I could not have been more wrong!

Of course, so many celebrities are on twitter now. It’s nice to tweet to them and even better when they reply back to you. What I have learned, however, was so much more than who the cool celebrities were because they tweeted you back. I learned, Twitter isn’t filled with just celebrities. Twitter is filled with regular everyday people from all over the world ready just to make new friendships. They are well enough just to make new friends and if they get to tweet to a celebrity, that’s even better.   

I have made so many good friends that have become my “Twitter family” and I know others feel the same way. Sure I talk to some celebrities. Some, I speak to regularly. Others celebrities, only every once in a while. But the bulk of my twitter family is made up from these normal everyday people.

I was so taken back by the family I grew within Twitter, I thought I’d share them with you and what I’ve learned from using Twitter.

@therealgoldberg (Bill Goldberg) is the most generous man I have met. I’ve always known he was well into charities, however, I didn’t know how deeply dedicated he was until speaking with him on Twitter. I didn’t know his commitment because he doesn’t toot his own horn. He is vocal about the charities, but not about all of his contributions.

I’ve learned @JimmyWayne is so committed to Project MMH, that he walked 1700 miles to raise awareness of the need for help with our teen foster care system. Having being a homeless teen himself, he has a deep passion for this cause. Jimmy has brought this much needed attention to this issue. Jimmy is a real life super hero in my book. Please check out for more information.  

The lovely @KathyIreland is just as beautiful inside as she is on the outside. She is committed to bringing the issues of Downs Syndrome to the fore front of the public eye, even sharing her personal experience with a family member recently diagnosed. She is always the first to offer her assistance in any way to those of us in need of direction. She is one of a kind

Suddenly, it was clear. Twitter wasn’t about following every aspect of any given celebrity’s life. It was also about learning of some of the lesser known troubling issues in our society.

Twitter was also about opening a whole new circle of friends. And who, among us, does not benefit from expanding our circle of friends?

I have a very special circle of twitter friends. I should say a very special circle of twitter family. That’s what they are. I know every morning I sign into twitter, my day will automatically brighten, even if I’m already in a great mood. As I say all of my hellos to Bill, Jimmy, Kathy, Leann, and the rest of my posse as well the entire twitter world, I look to see who’s online this morning. Before I can finish, the hellos and good mornings are being returned. A smile automatically transforms my face. This begins a daily ritual of what I know is to come.

I know @youngjilla is going to make me laugh and @DazeyDuck is going to keep me laughing, just as I know that @LCEntertainment is going to be there to make me feel extra special.

My girls, @Southern_luve @x_no_regrets_x @hatecheaters23 @juliette_asu and @JuvenileEx, are always there. Happy, sad, angry; I can always count on them. And that’s just to name a few.

I know I will receive several of my favorite blog fans asking where their blog is for the day, if I have missed a post. But always, commenting on the enjoyment and how much they loved the post of the day. At this point I would be remiss if I didn’t say hi to @booshka2 and @DebL49. Hope you’re enjoying today’s blog!

@leannrimes brings out the protectiveness in me. I want to protector her as if she is my sister.

And I know that @webdesigninc is always ready and happy to offer advice when needed in my attempt to become a full time writer.

There are so many more tweeters I count among my friends, far too many to mention here on my blog.

Everyone should have and should be able to express their opinions. I am a firm believer in respecting other’s point of view and when I don’t agree, I respect their choice. Everyone on twitter do not share the same attitude.

Sometimes, people are being bullied on Twitter. That is the bad side of Twitter. However, for the most part, when this happens, people come to the defense of the one being bullied. They feel personally involved.

Twitter certainly is not what I first believed it to be.  I thought it was just a place to follow your favorite celebrity. It is so much more than that.

Twitter is a place to learn about your favorite celebrity, meet new people that may turn out to be one of your best friends or you may find that one person who is seeking help and God puts you in their path. Hopefully, we all will rise to the occasion and reach out to help, befriend and learn about other’s lives. And along the way, enjoy a few laughs.

 Until next time….Peace



alex1958 says:

I’ve had my Twitter account for less than two years and have seen an amazing growth of the platform from the times when I could be on until the wee hours of the morning and chatting with my friends. Back then, it felt like a smoky dive lit by flashing neon signs. Then, my stream was being flooded with “Come see my product” and “Look at what I’m selling”; I dropped off for a while.

Now I am back! Why? I realized that Twitter was made for me…that’s right. I am a reactionary (fancy turn for smart ass) and the short quips in replies to updates in my stream are my elements. Besides, and this is the best part because I love to do this, I get to promote the work of others. You will rarely see me promoting something of mine because I really don’t think it is good enough to blast…but my friends will always get my help!

Happy Tweeting!

Love the way you broke this down!!! Yea, I’m glad the marketing stuff has weeded out some. I mean, it’s a good biz promoter, but don’t come on here just for biz. get involved w/your follwers, etc…One girl sent me something and “vote for me” etc….click on it and there was a big ole booty!! I tweeted her back and said, “honey, I’m all for full figured beauty (bc it SAID full figured….) but that’s is not an image I care to see”. LOL Hope she won though!

alex1958 says:

Hey! That was MY big ol’ booty….LOL
j/k 😉

LMAO!!! is that why it was so hairy??? LOL Just joking guys!!

Your so funny! love u to death!

I’m been looking for you on twitter last few days….today and tomorrow going to be focusing on those tips you gave me about content writing, but I can’t find the site you told me to check out. Can you re email it?
Thanks babe!

Its amazing how we all can have such close relationships with people we don’t see and can only write in 140 or less! I think its great and it shows that human spirit can reach out on any forum of communication. I’m closer to some of my FB and Twitter friends than people I live on the same street with. Since I’m kind of a wild child that lives around Suzy Homemakers, I’m so glad I have these channels to keep me in touch with people like minded! 😉

Hi Kristi….Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment!! It’s very much appreciated!! Was this your first visit?

I, too, feel closer to some of my twitter friends….I think a lot of it has to do with being able to really open up as much as you want to and feel judged or looked at different like your in person friends do….they may not mean too, but it happens.

Glad you are part of the twitter family! If you follow me, say hello! asjbraves (what else! LOL)…


I follow you & your SHITZOO! =D

AHHHH,… ok, I know who you are now! thanks for following me and my zoo full of…. I mean, my shitzoo!! LOL


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