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{October 20, 2010}   I Have A Problem, A Serious Problem

Hello everyone, welcome.

They say the first step is admitting you have a problem. Well, hold on to your seats because I have an addiction. I am ready to finally deal with my addiction. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

So, what is the addiction I have let control me? Could it be drinking? Is it drugs? Could it possibly be a perverse affection for wearing men’s underwear? Let me set your mind at ease. My addiction contains none of the above. So, what is it? Scratch off lottery tickets!

Seriously, I have a real addiction to scratch off lottery tickets. I have to buy tickets every time I go into the store. Sometimes, I go to the store just to buy lottery tickets. Of course, I come up with a good excuse to go to the store. I have to pick up my daughter at school; I pass the Kangaroo store on the way, might as well stop and get a ticket or two.

The crossword tickets, power play crosswords and bingo tickets are my favorite. They take a long time to scratch off. At least, the way I do it; one letter or number at a time. I have to take extra time to make sure I evenly scratch each letter or number and it has to be done the same way each time. Guys, I seriously have a problem. Not only am I addicted to these, I am obsessive about them. If I let my children scratch one for me, I have to tell them the “right” way to do it. “Clean the outsides lines first off all the scratch off stuff then only scratch off to reveal two numbers or letters at a time”.

You also have to use a dime that has a well defined edge to it. Not a quarter, they are too big. Not a penny or a nickel because the edges are too smooth. Are you guys getting my point here?

I find way too much enjoyment in each scratch off ticket I get. My kids have even noticed this. Of course, it’s hard to miss. They are starting to talk. I don’t like hearing my kids talk about me having to buy these tickets or roll their eyes when they see me coming out of the store with the lotto tickets. Therefore, this HAS to change. I have to get control of this!

So, I have admitted I have a problem. What now? I usually am at my best if I stop things ‘cold turkey’. So I am putting away my special “scratch off” dime. I have too for the sake of my children and my pocket book! 

I hereby, pass the torch to you as my “scratch off” protégé. I am hanging up my clip board. Did I mention you have to use a clip board as to press on to enable a firm surface for even scratching? Jeez, I have a serious problem, and it is far that just an addiction to lotto tickets!  

And to get you started out on the right foot, there is a $20 scratch off called “Gold Rush”. Gold Rush has the very best of odds…..1 in 2 chances of winning. Every other ticket, the minimum is 1 in 4 chances of winning. People, I should NOT know this much information!!!

As hard as it will be, I am done with buying scratch offs. I may have to pick up cigarettes again, but at least I’ll no longer waste money on scratch off tickets and maybe, just maybe, show my children your addictions can be controlled. On that thought, I guess I will NOT be able to pick up the cigarettes!

Cold turkey, it is.

Happy scratching !!!

Until Next time…..Peace



Jessica says:

You def do have an addiction. Remember when u drove all the way to the Lottery store on Beach Blvd 2 times in a week?! Don’t pick up cigarrettes! They’re way worse. U know I have been trying to quit for almost 4 years!

Your so mean to your aunt!!! LOL

No, I was kidding about the cig’s

Well I am glad you realized it. I would hate to see you on that show Intervention laying on the street clutching an old scratch off.
That would be too sad.

OMG, girl ….. this is why I love you so much!!! You are too funny! I can see me crouching down on the dark street, both hands clutching a scratch off, rocking back and forth…..LOL

And, it would be oh so sad and pathetic to be on Intervention!!!

Hey, I wanted to tell you I finally sent you that email I told you I would do!

Thanks for all your help and support!!


I sent it night before last…it’s from my yahoo acct……just resent

Haha, oh girl, good luck. I guess there could be worse things to be addicted to but you’re seriously OCD with it. You will be ok!!!

I know! I’m OCD and ADHD….not good sometimes!! but only OCD w/certain things…so I just say I “like this done this way” LOL


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