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{October 26, 2010}   Fresh Prince of Bel-Air-Take II

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In Hollywood, it seems the powers that be think bringing back some of our favorite TV shows such as Hawaii Five 0, Miami Vice, 90210 and Melrose Place is sure success. Bringing back old shows with a new look whether it’s on the small screen or as a movie, has become the hottest projects of late. Personally, none of these remakes, upgrades or facelifts have peeked my interest enough to give any thought to watching them. Call me nostalgic, but I enjoy the original shows where the biggest threat was a shop lifter, a short run (not high speed chase followed by a dramatic car crash) from the police or when Kimberly lost her marbles on Melrose Place after her return from a severe car wreck only to blow up the entire apartment complex.

This got me thinking, would I be happy with any show as a remake? What about a reunion movie? Is there any show I would be happy to see as an update? You know, just a peek into what the characters world would be like today. This is when I discovered, I actually wanted to know what became of Will, Carlton, Ashley and Hillary. You know who they are. They are the kids from “The Prince of Bel-Air” with Will Smith. Admit it, you want to know too.

I can see it now: Vivian Banks has passed on leaving Phillip to be the sole parent to these kids. However, Phillip is so heartbroken and distraught  over his wife’s recent death that he finds it hard to begin each day anew. Carlton has moved back home with his three children after his wife has left him to take her chances as a dancer in Las Vegas. Hillary has never left home and is still the same prissy woman she has always been, trying to adjust to Carlton’s little hellions running around the mansion a bit out of control.

In the meantime, Will has found success as a talent agent for the NBA leaving no time for him to pursue a family of his own. And Ashley has become a popular pop star continuing her rise to fame. She is dating her manager who only cares about the bottom line.

Before the movie is over, Hillary has learned, reluctantly, to care for Carlton’s children in an attempt to help Carlton put his life back together. Ashley has moved home after finding out her manager has been skimming money from the top end as well as sleeping with her assistant. And Will, well, Will comes home so that he is able to help wherever possible. While severally taking a pay decrease due to not being able to remain working the numerous hours as well as working with the most talented players in the NBA.

You thought I forgot little Nicky didn’t you? Well, I was saving him for last. Nicky is in his teenage years, a senior at Bel-Air Prep and you got it, he acts just like Will did. I think that sums up little Nicky.

This is definitely one remake I would love to see. After all, I have it all planned out and ready to go to production. Maybe one day, when I’m a huge successful writer, those power players in Hollywood will HAVE to listen to me and do it my way. Yea, my way….I like the way that sounds.

Til next time……Peace


Advertisements says:

Its really awesome i love this post.

thank you so much! I actually was thinking this morning, I would have Vivian die instead of Phillip so we didn’t lose that Phillip/Will relationship….

Well I actually like the new 90210 but it has yet to hold a candle to the old one. Melrose Place remake never sold me. I would like to see the 90210 reunion more though. Even though we know Kelly had a child with Dylan only for him to leave her, Donna and David have a daughter but they were separating. I would love to see Kelly and Brandon get back together. I don’t know, that one would peak my interests. Although, your story line about what would happen with Prince of Bel-Air seems dead on.

Yea, It would be good to have ALL the original cast of 90210 and see what’s up with them all. I haven’t watched the new one. Melrose never sold me either….maybe bc I loved Sydney! that’s where I got my daughter’s name from. and they kill her in the opener? no….

Yeah I know, that really sucked. I loved the original Melrose Cast. It was on Monday nights and 90210 was on Wednesdays. Funny how I still remember that.

Simon says:

Just so long as they don’t do a “gritty reboot” of Bagpuss…

ok…little afraid to ask what that is!! LOL


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