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{October 27, 2010}   Why Momma?

Welcome everyone.

I am hoping someone out here can give me some insight to a new fad going around now with the younger crowd. Because, frankly, it just does not make sense to me.

I first noticed this trend when my niece had her second child, a little girl. I’ll never forget the first time I heard her say it. It sounded absolutely ridiculous to me.

She said to her then 6 month old, “Let’s change your diaper, momma”. Huh? Did she just call her daughter, a baby, momma? In fact, that is exactly what she called her.

Ok, younger generation, maybe it was just something that was not obviously to me. I asked her “Why do you call her momma?” I didn’t understand. I mean, I understand nic names. My kids had them and still have them. They are Princess, Bear and Boo. But “momma”, I just wasn’t seeing it. My niece told me she didn’t really know why, it was just a nic name for her and because she was a girl, it was momma.

This didn’t satisfy my curiosity. I still did not understand out of all things to call her, she would choose momma. It just seems weird to me. I can’t explain why, it just did.

In time, I learned to accept this nic name given to the baby. Even if it still irritated me for some reason. She was the only one I had heard use this term of endearment. That is until recently.

As I began to enter the Twitter world, and started getting followers, I began making a circle of twitter family and friends. This is what happened next.

I began, more and more, to see some of the younger generations refer to some celebrities as “momma”. Not “momma” in the sense of this person was a mother. But “momma” as in “hey momma …. love you momma”. And this was NOT coming from their kids.

I just don’t understand the new trend of calling babies and other people “momma”. Sure, my daughter’s friends call me “mom” but I know them personally. These people don’t know the celebrities personally, yet still refer to them as momma. And babies being called momma, well, that just freaks me out.

So if you can help me out with understanding this new trend, I’d love to hear it. Because the more I see it the more it bothers me. I really just don’t get it. 

Til next time……Peace



Jessica says:

It’s mama! Not momma… And it is every girl. When u see your friend u say “hey what’s up mama” … It used to be lil mama but now the lil is dropped..

Well, when WE called someone momma, we called them Mother and added to that word!! LOL


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