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{November 2, 2010}   Seriously, A Tough Guy?

Hello everyone, welcome back!

First, I want to apologize for missing Friday’s and yesterday’s post. I have been a bit under the weather. 

I’m going to address a serious issue that has been around since the late 80’s. It has been both baffling and humoring. It’s a little bit embarrassing to those of us that have witnessed it over and over, yet we continue to watch. It has always bothered me.

I’ll just come right out with it. BUT first let me say, I have nothing against this man (in case he’s reading this). As a matter of fact, I’ll speak directly to you; you’re pretty cool in my book. You’re one of the best action players in the movies. I mean, you are one tough dude. I just wanted to get that out there, you know..….just in case. Now, you may have to go to and look for Steven Seagal, pick any of his movies and watch him for a minute to fully appreciate what I’m about to say.

Ok, what bothers me so much it drives me insane? Well, Steven Seagal runs like a girl. There I said it. And I mean it. You know you’ve seen it in every movie he has starred in. Elbows tucked in and hands so loose they wave up, down and sideways but only from the wrist. That’s all that moves, his hands! Just like a girl. No offense to girls, mind you. I’m a girl. I’m a jock. And even I don’t run as much like a girl than Steven does. I mean, he really runs like a girl. Now he may run like a girl, but he runs fast and he can kick your behind with two jabs, so I would not advise you to walk up to him, tell him he runs like a girl and think you can out run him. You can’t. I can’t. In fact, don’t even look at his hands if you ever meet him. Stay on the safe side and don’t even look in the direction of his hands….trust me on this.

Some of the younger crowd reading this, may know him from his newest adventure Steven Seagal Lawman on A&E Television (he has been a deputy for 20 years) however, Steven made a huge entrance into the action adventure movies during the late 1980’s. Everything about him, drew us to him, men and women alike. Men liked how tough his was and women loved …. well how tough he was along with his long hair pulled back, the street talk, the long black coats, and his master level martial arts. He had most of us hooked with his first movie Above The Law along side Sharon Stone. He was both scary and sexy at the same time, the ultimate bad boy. And we all know how I love my bad boys!

He could kick the mess out of a man twice his size, being a large man himself, that alone said quite a bit. The difference with Seagal and other action screen kick ass actors, is that Seagal actually COULD do the martial arts he showed in his movies. He holds the highest honors in quite a few different types of martial arts. He began his training at age 7, and it is rumored at one time, his hands were actually registered as lethal weapons with the government. He studied under the best and greatest masters of the arts during his life from age 7 well into adulthood.

He also processed such charisma, we continued to watch his movies even though each one was basically the same movie, different locations. Admit it his movies were almost all the same.

However, in each one of his movies, my eyes would be more and more drawn to his hands as he was in pursuit of the “bad guy” I simply could not take my attention away from his …… girly hands! Or his girly run, I should say. Once I noticed this, I simply could not watch his movies and see the same sexy and powerful man I once saw. All I could see is those hands, flapping around like they were waiting for their nails to dry.

It’s not the same when you are sitting there laughing at one of the roughest guys in the world simply because he runs like a little school girl.

Til next time……Peace



Jezika says:

Hahaha, too funny and so true. He did run very girlie. I think Van Dame (spelling unsure) also was good at martial arts and not just pretending to know it.

Yea, Jean Claude Van Damme also was/is a master of martial arts….he started when he was like 11 BUT he doesn’t run like a girl! LOL


Hmm I don’t get his nor Claude Van Dame’s appeal. I always thought Seagal was a cheesy actor. Its like Dude! Open your eyes! Stop squinting!

LOL….yea, he really couldn’t act. I get into the how “powerful” thing….that’s what gets to me, knowing he could kick someone’s ass in one jab…..I don’t know why….

And Van Damme, I did like him in just a few movies, like the one with Cynthia Gibbs. I thought he was sexy in that one, but not really the rest of them..oh, the one where he travels back to current day..that was pretty cool. But now, uh-uh, no way!

Thanks as aways for reading and commenting! You are awesome!! I had though to ask you if I could add your blog in my tweets sometimes, would you mind? Are you on twitter?


Yeah I am on twitter … you can connect through my blog. It shows all my tweets… I think. It should!

Cool….I’ll add you….btw, don’t know if I told you, but I love this pic of you and the baby! so precious!!! my twitter name is asjbraves

I added you as to my following on Twitter….I’d love for you to follow me 🙂 asjbraves


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