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{November 3, 2010}   Well, Let Me Slap My Grandma

Hello again! Welcome!

Most of my readers also follow me on twitter. Twitter is great, isn’t it? I love Twitter now! I’ve met friends, made some celebrity friends (which is pretty cool) and have felt like I am a part of these peoples lives. I should have bit the bullet when it first came out and signed up.

Anyway, there is one thing I am absolutely tired of typing. I mean, each time I have to type it, I hate it! Between texting and Twitter, I probably type this acronym 200-300 times a day. As a matter of fact, you probably do it just as much as I do. Can you guess what I’m talking about? Yep, LOL or laugh out loud.

I am so sick of seeing LOL everyday and in every other tweet. I am so tired of typing it! LMAO isn’t quite as bad, but LOL drives me crazy each time I have to type it. And yes, I know, I know it sounds dumb. But this is what goes on in my mind. And yes, I am OCD and ADHD. But I’m not on trial here. I am sure it bothers most of you reading this. Am I right? It’s like when people say “you know” after each sentence, it makes you want to slap them.

I am well known as the “dork” I make up words and use them, mind you, these are words I have created in my head so no one knows what I’m really talking about.  Sometimes I do this by mistake, sometimes I do it on purpose. One such word is “authorisum”. Do you want the definition? It’s when you attend college to major in a required field so you can become a writer. Get it? There is no such word! But it’s fun to do.

So following in my unique style, crazy as it may seem to you, I am so over LOL. From now on, I will be using SMG to express my humor in tweets.

I bet you want to know what SMG stands for, right? Well, hold on to your wig, because here it comes!  “Slap my grandma”. Here, I’ll use it in a sentence; “….. that’s so funny, makes me wanna slap my grandma!”.

Now, those of us in the south are familiar with this phrase. So for those of you who are southern impaired, I’ll elaborate. We don’t actually slap grandma. It’s just a saying. Country legend singer/songwriter John Anderson even wrote a song about it. It may not make sense to you, but you’ll grow to love it.

I’m not asking you to stop using LOL, now that would be ridicules. No, I’m just telling you I’m so done with it and I’m not actually abusing my grand mother.

 Until time……Peace



Damn my grandmother needed a good slapping. Actually both of them did.

Hey, where do you think the saying came from? G’ma’s be needing some slapping! But you know you can’t cuz “that would be disrespecful” pfff whatever, slap the bitch! Just kidding ppl!!


Simon C says:

LOL’s actually a bit of a dangerous one, as the traditional British (Prestel-era) usage was “Lots Of Love”. A comic does a routine about it where someone sends a text saying “Grandad’s got cancer, LOL”.

May I humbly suggest we all start using CR instead of LOL? I’m basing this on Google Translate’s translation of LOL into latin as “Clara risus”. You never know, it might take off… and at least it’s language neutral! CR

(PS I also like the marble background they use for translating into Latin too… qv|la|laugh out loud)

Hey, whatever takes off and ends me having to write LOL 800 times a day!!!


Wel SMG…this was pretty darn good!!

Isn’t is always my friend?! SMG


thalia says:

laugh out loud in latin is Clara risus so sorry all those claras out there your name means lol i find that soo funny lol x

That IS funny! And I once liked that name!

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