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{November 4, 2010}   Do You Want To Know Why My Mind Is So Screwed Up?

Hey guys! Welcome! Can you believe this is my 31st blog?! I know, I find it hard to believe myself! Who knew I had so much trivial crap to write about! By the way, if you see Steven Seagal lurking around or asking questions, hollar at me!

To mark this special occasion, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Well, sort of a big secret……it’s what drives me to be such a smart ass. Hey, got to blame it on something!

This is so big, it may require a national inquiry. I’d dare say, this news is as big as “Flight 19”, the Indianapolis, even the Amelia Earhart mystery. We’re talking straight out of an Agatha Christie novel. Which, by the way, did you know Agatha did her own disappearing act in 1926? Yep, still remains a mystery. If you are having trouble with any of the “mysterious disappearing acts I listed….open a history book people! Although, in all fairness to the sailors that served on the Indianapolis, this mystery was solved. Way too late, but solved just the same.

Ok, here it is, excuse me while I go “street” for a second. How NBC gonna play us like this? I admit, the last episode of “My Name Is Earl” did have its good parts. Well, all of it was good, even if it left me a little bitter at NBC.

I’ll pick up at the crucial point in the finale that really messed me up. Joy, Darnell, Randy and Earl (played by the very funny and talented Jason Lee) found out that “Dodge” is, in fact, Earl’s son and not the spawn of the evil “Lil’ Chubby” Ok. That sentence was so messed up, I’m not even going to touch it.

So, Joy ( the beautiful and hilarious Jamie Pressly) hooked up with Earl at a costume party. Not realizing she would get pregnant and later “trick” Earl into marrying her. She didn’t even know Earl until she plotted to get him drunk so she could marry him. He was just a guy in a bar who didn’t lick pool table chalk. Well, except for the one night hook up, but she didn’t know it was him so, you know, that doesn’t count. Uhm, what was that? Exactly! That was my thoughts as well. Girl and her “girls” gonna plot to marry some unknown guy in a bar because he’s the one that didn’t like the chalk? Yea, cause that’s what we look for! But surprisingly, it worked.

Earl spent years raising Dodge, thinking he wasn’t his son. When in reality, well TV reality, Dodge (I just love tying that name!) was his son. I love that. Pure genius!

Now, let’s deal with the root of all my issues. Let’s talk Earl Jr. Earl Jr (yes, they call him that each and every time they refer to him) who is maybe a year younger than Dodge is, uhm, how can I say this…..well, Earl Jr is bi-racial. Jason Lee + Jamie Pressly = a bi-racial child? Do you see the issue I’m having? And we’re not even up to the final episode! So, Earl Jr is actually, well we thought, he was Darnell’s son during the entire show.

Darnel, l played by Eddie Steeples, is so cool that you have to love him. Plus, he could kill you if he wanted too. For real. In the series premiere, Joy divorces a incapacitated Earl (he got hit by a car), moves in and later marries her long time lover Darnell. Who is African American, so Joy + Darnell = Earl Jr. Makes sense now.

Let’s recap; Joy gets pregnant, Joy marries Earl, Joy has Dodge, Joy gives birth to Earl Jr, Earl gets hit by a car, Joy divorces Earl and moves in with Darnell. Earl wins lotto, Earl makes list to “right his wrongs”. Are you still with me? Do you see a pattern? I think maybe Joy is the queen of the crazies. Ok, fast forward to series finale.

Earl sneaks hair (yea, hair) from Joy’s hair brush giving him Joy, Darnell, Dodge and Earl Jr’s DNA. He’s trying to prove that Lil Chubby is Dodge’s father. This is when everyone finds out Joy and Earl did the deed that resulted in Dodge. But wait! Earl Jr’s DNA doesn’t match Darnell’s! So, you all know what that means.

Who the hell is Earl Jr’s dad? I mean, Joy’s was banging Earl until they divorced. Joy was banging Darnell this entire time. She loves Darnell.

And this is what brings me to my constant contemplation. Who the hell is Earl Jr’s dad? Did Joy cheat on Darnell? Was it before she met Darnell? Granted, it would had to have been only days before she met Darnell for the math to work. But, then again, I suck at math.

The truth is, we’ll never know. When everyone finds out that Darnell’s DNA and Earl Jr’s DNA doesn’t match, Joy’s eyes goes wide and the series ends. What??? Yea, that’s what I said! It just ends! Leaving us to plot the outcome in our own minds.

Now, I’m sure the wonderful “Earl” writer’s did not plan for this to be the series finale. I refuse to believe they would be so cruel to us. Therefore, it HAS to be NBC’s fault.

Freakin’ NBC. How they gonna leave us hangin’ like that? Do people still talk like I did in my last sentence? Because to me, that be street slang.

However, I did warn you I was a major dork and my mind was very warped. And do you want to know why? Because of NBC! Freakin’ NBC.

I really hope NBC will, sometime in the near future, do a special episode to wrap this whole Earl Jr mess out. Because, frankly, I’m heading to the looney bin over this.

Oh, and NBC, in the “wrap up” episode, please let me know if Darnell, Patty the daytime hooker and the beautiful and sexy Catalina (can you even get any more beautiful than Nadine Velazquez? Uhm, no) and the gay Kenny, had sex together with stuck in the phone booth during the “Killer Bee” attack? I think it was killer bees….but I’m guessing your not paying attention to that part of the sentence!

Til next time……Peace


Lisa says:

I can’t stop laughing! Thank you!

You are more than welcome!! I love to make people laugh!! So glad you enjoyed. Was a little unsure about posting it because I didn’t know if those that did not watch Earl would get it. Hopefully, I described the characters enough that they will get the point anyway!

Please come back for more!


Never seen this show but it sounds good. Darn it!!

Oh, honey, it is AWESOME!!! A really funny show! They have it on Netflix for instant streaming….you have to watch it! Randy is sooo funny too!


Jessica says:

Jamie pressly is so freakin gorgeous! Its funny seeing her as a trashy kinda redneck and she does the accent so good! This blog was interesting. Good job keep it up:)

I know! She is the perfect person to play Joy though, isn’t she! I love her, so crazy. And the perfect voice!!! I really miss that show! I wanna know who Earl Jr’s daddy is!!!!

LOL love you girl,

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