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{November 8, 2010}   EHow….Seriously?

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Have you ever used the website “EHow” to look up instructions on how to fix a broken sink or how to get stains out of your carpet or maybe how to properly fix a hole in a paneled wall? EHow holds a wealth of information for those seeking useful information. However, EHow also contains some very odd instructions as well. Some, so ridiculous, you know I have to blog about it!

I wrote about Thaao Penghlis (ex Tony/Andre Days of Our Lives) last month and mentioned Tony’s “devilish father”.  Little did I know, a gold mine of a story was waiting and I was about to stumble right across it. I could not have planned it out this perfectly if I had tried. When I came across the following instructions by accident, I was astounded and knew I would have to blog about it. It just seems so ridiculous on so many levels.

If you’re not a Days of Our Lives fan, you may not be able to fully appreciate the irony of this particular EHow’s instructions. However, if you are a Days fan, these instructions will likely bring a smile to your face or possibly the laugh of incredibility as I experienced while reading the article. It was titled “How To Act Like Stefano DeMera From Days of Our Lives”.

When I told you about the character “Tony” (Thaao Penghlis) from Days of Our Lives, I mentioned his TV father. Well, Tony’s father is the one and only “Stefano DiMera”. Even if you are not a Days fan, chances are you have heard of this character. He is the “The Phoenix”. He has returned from the dead more times Naomi Campbell uses her phone to pummel her assistants.

The magnitude of Joseph Mascolo’s portrayal of Stefano is overwhelming. Between his years on and off of the show, starting in 1982, he has had conflicts with nearly the entire fictional town of Salem. Some of those characters have even lived to tell the tale. Salemites quake in fear when finding themselves on Stefano’s bad side, whether they let it show or not. The obvious fear can not be completely hidden. This is a character that comes once in a lifetime and only the most talented of actors can pull off such a dynamic character.

Joseph’s own style of owning this character has made it unacceptable for Days to recast another player to be Stefano. The fans will not allow it, including myself. I believe the Days higher ups, know that Joseph is the only one that has what it takes to scare the people of Salem, as well as the audience at times, as no other character in soap opera history. There is only one Joseph Mascolo and only one Stefano DiMera.

To act like Stefano DeMera, EHow’s instructions tell the reader to speak with an Italian accent (Stefano is from Italy) wear expensive suits since Stefano is in control of a billion dollar fortune. As well as, be arrogant, and have a sinister laugh. What??

There is no way to incorporate the stature, ruthlessness, a true sinister laugh that reaches out from the TV screen and puts that little bit of fear in your heart while knowing this is just a character in a soap opera.

EHow, some instructions should never reach the stage of print consideration. Someone can not learn how to be Stefano. You are either a Stefano DeMera or your not. There is but one Stefano. So, I would suggest that you take those instructions and use them to lite your next fire. Then sit back and enjoy the real Stefano put into place his next evil deed as only Joseph can bring it.

Until next time….Peace



Michelle says:

Love it! The whole time I was reading it I was picturing him with his short greasy curly hair! I remember him so well! To your point some things should never reach the print stage! Or the eHow publication stage for that matter ;))

He is one of a kind that ONLY Joseph M can bring to the plate. And oh, how wrong this whole mess is, to put it in EHow! and I like and use Ehow…..


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