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{November 23, 2010}   My Exciting News!!

Hi everyone! Welcome 

I have been missing a few blog posts lately. Hopefully, you have noticed! Otherwise, I’m not doing my job very well, huh? Well, I do have a reason. I’m going to share this reason with you and I hope you will be as excited as I am!

I have been working on …..Ready? …… my OWN website!! Yes, that is right. I am, as we speak, getting the site up and ready for your viewing pleasure. I am so excited and still a bit shell shocked. All of this is happening very fast but I have to say, I love the ride! And I owe it all to you….I’m talking to YOU. The “you” that is, right now, reading this. So first, THANK YOU!!

Guys, you are witnessing a real live “dream come true” in the making. Pretty special, huh? I think so as well. The past four years, I don’t have to tell you (because you read my blog!) have been very difficult. In the beginning, I could barely pull myself out of bed each day. Some days, I didn’t even bother. Pain, anxiety and depression were running rapid throughout by entire life. I honestly thought I would never heal. I didn’t even think I wanted to heal if healing meant being without my husband. Pretty crazy, right? I would, at that point in my life, rather deal with all the hurt and depression than to deal with losing the man I loved with everything I had inside my soul. However, life has a way of getting up and kicking you in the behind even if you lie in bed and try to shut out the world. It lets you know real quickly, you are not in charge 

So, what will I be sharing on my website? I knew you would ask. Well, I can’t share everything I am hoping to accomplish as, some, we will work out by trial and error. However, as my website (so cool that I can say that!) grows in content and as we add features, I am very glad that all my wonderful readers and friends are continuing to take this amazing journey with me!

Since you have all stuck with me and supported me with my blog, I would love to have some feedback on what you would like to see on the web page. Any ideas, thoughts and/or concerns …. pass them along as a comment to this blog! I may not be able to use all the ideas however; I would love to have my readers participate!

I will be tweeting in the next day or so to let you know what my new website address as it is not quite ready to log into yet. I was hoping to be about to share it with you today, but we ran into some small issues that held us up.

Until next time……Peace



Yeah! Congrats! You should have different columns like a comedy column with fake advice or reviews,and a parenting column.
That would be so cool.

Hey Thanks!! I know this was a huge surprise to you!!

I want several types of info. although, most parents may not agree with “our parenting” advise!!! SMG!! Someone said I should do a “Ask AJ” column…..

I was totally shocked of the news. I was like WTF!

I know!! Such a shock for us all!!!

Yay! Congrats 🙂 🙂 🙂

THANKS HON!!! Anything you’d like to see on the?

Congrats! I hope that it will be gr8!! 🙂

Thanks!!! I have some really good ideas too about some guest bloggers or like guests where you can post your poems, etc….hopefully. Just take some launch time!!!

Tammy says:

Hey Congrats Girl!! maybe add some links for things like depression,funny youtub videos and I think the ask AJ would be good too!!

Thanks!!! Can you believe I have come this far this fast?? I can’t! Yea, I’m getting alot of people asking for the “Ask AJ” believe it or not, some call me the “voice of reason” uhmmm… yea…SMG!! I love them all!!

Def stuff on depression….I battled it and sometimes still do…..But I’m also going to be writing stories as well.

Alot of great stuff!!

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