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{November 29, 2010}   Wise Words

Good afternoon everyone! Sorry for the late post today. I have been trying to decide why this particular post comes with the nagging feeling that I should only post this quote by Judy Garland. It’s all that my mind seems to focus on when I turn to post today.

So, I am letting my gut lead me. Someone out there needs to hear this otherwise it wouldn’t be bothering me so much. And I saw that respectfully. This is my favorite quote of all time.

     “Well, we have a whole new year ahead of us. And wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all be a little more gentle with each other, and a little more loving, have a little more empathy and maybe – next year at this time – we’d like each other a little more. “                     Judy Garland

I hope you find comfort in Ms. Garland’s words, said so long ago. I try to remember her words each and every day I speak to you all. Well, there is that Seagal blog..

Until next time……Peace



God I love Judy. She is my icon. Now I am sad.

I love too…but I love that quote because it is so comforting. For ME, that quote is what she left to me.


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I think that someone is everyone…if for no other reason – reaffirmation!!

So, so true!! We all need reminding it can be a better world, but WE have to make efforts to make that happen.

Love ya!

This is a great post…Thanks for sharing, AJ! 🙂

Your welcome! another good quote by Charlie Chaplin I love is : “Nothing is permanent in this world, not even our troubles.”

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