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{December 1, 2010}   T-Mobile or Verizon?

Good afternoon everyone!

 One day, I tell you, I’m going to have an assistant. My assistant will handle all my “other” stuff, while I concentrate on writing. Hmmm, I should make that two assistants, I do have a lot of pans in the fire and, I do have 3 kids after all.

So, I had to call my cell phone company yesterday. You know that lump you feel in the pit of your gut when you have to call the cell phone company? Yea, I felt it instantly. After all, even though I am with T-Mobile now, I did have Verizon for years. Remember my friend Debbie going off about Verizon yesterday? Yea, literately stole 2 grand from her and she doesn’t even have a phone with them!

This was my first call to customer service since I switched to T-Mobile. Long story, short, my cell bill was . . . ready? $470.00. WTF? I had the unlimited plan on all 4 phones! Suppose to be $160.00. Ok, this will be a huge problem, right?

I call customer service and reached Sharnet (Hi Sharnet!). I explain my situation, which at this point was even worse because the next bill was showing . . . a whopping total of something to the tune of $600.00.  Luckily, I had an email from previous correspondence where I had confirmed I wanted the unlimited plan. However, with no return confirmation from T-Mobile, technically, (meaning if it had been Verizon, they would not have issued a credit) they did not have to retroactive the refund. Not only did Sharnet provide great customer service, she listened to everything I had to say and actually issued a credit to my account, back dating to the confirmation email date. All without having to ask! I know! I was shocked too!

So, I just marked Sharnet down as “one of a kind” customer service reps that love helping people. Let me just say real quickly here, I was in customer service for over 20 years. I know what they go through and I know how hard it is to bite your tongue sometimes.

I had to be transferred to the billing department to make my payment. So I’m thinking “Great, Sharnet was wonderful, why can’t she just apply the payment? Now, I have to deal with someone else and I’d have to repeat the story all over again” You know what I mean. And that representative may not be so nice 

However, Sharnet had made such extensive notes so that I would not have to do anything but make the payment! My mind went blank as the billing rep came online to take my payment. “But . . . I. . . have . . . always had to repeat my problem at least three times right?” That’s the way it always worked with Verizon. And had I presented this problem with Verizon, they would not have issued a credit, believe me.

Sharnet transferred me to Vanessa in the billing department. I hesitated a moment, is Vanessa going to be nice, insistent, uncompassionate or just plain mean. Because, that is the way I was used to being treated by my cell phone company.

Much to my pleasant surprise, Vanessa actually read the notes and therefore, I didn’t have to repeat myself for the next five minutes. And, get this, Vanessawas . . . nice! Yea, nice!

Credit process, payment made and plan corrected! Wow. I actually got off the phone feeling good, my checking account in one piece and not walking like I’ve been  . . .  on a rollercoaster ride. Yea, we’ll go with that phrase.

PS. I’d like to send a message to my 14 year old daughter: Sydney, do you see how I “correctly” used my “. . .” ‘s? Yes, I only did 3 of them and with a space between. So get off my back about it! I love you J

Until next time……Peace


Yeah, was always my experience with T-Mobile here in Europe… moved to other providers since because of other issues, but I have to say they were usually very good.

Great customer service~ At least for now~!

I am with Verizon …. so far no 1000.00 bills…. but since you say it happened I am on radar now!

Yea, well, I had a few phones. But they are hard to work with.

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