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{May 16, 2011}   Blogs, Blogs and More Blogs

Blogs, Blogs and More Blogs!

May 16, 2010

Hi everyone, welcome back! I know, it’s been a long time coming, right? Well, the past month or so, I have been very sick. So badly, that the desire to write was even hard to come by. Thing is, now that I am feeling better, I have tons of blogging ideas.

Actually, I have approximately eight blogs either half way written or very well into the blog itself. I just don’t have a single finished blog for you guys! That makes me nuts! I am severely ADHD, my mind jumps from subject to subject at its will. And you all know what that means, considering how my mind works; there is no telling what those blogs will be about. But, hey, that’s why you guys love me, right? I thought so. Hey, at least I’m not OCD.

Sorry, I had to put that in there . . . for some reason, I have to say “I Don’t Have OCD” 5 times a day or well, something bad will happen I’m sure.

By the way, please excuse any typo’s or weird wording in this blog . . . I am working on one eye contact here, and it’s not even the right strength. I’m so damn stubborn. I have to go to the eye doctor. Sigh.

With the ADHD, I’m not just talking about writing. I’ll try to clean my room – which isn’t very big – and it takes me two hours to get it all done because I jump from dusting to arranging, etc. You get my point.

Where was I? Oh, the blogging. See, no concentration.

Yet I promised myself I would get back on track today with my writing. So, here I am I, giving you your blog.

I’m sorry it’s not up to par, but I promise you, I have some great stuff coming up! Weird, freaky, plain out WTF stuff to share and it’s ALL true!

The next picture does not pertain in any way to this blog, I just liked J LO’s ass in this picture. And it will give you guys something to look at until tomorrow. Even a straight girl can appreciate her ass.

Until next time……Peace



TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

Welcome back! Glad you are feeling better 🙂

Thanks a bunch! Its been rough! Hope ur well

Straight huh??? Uh huh!

except for you, babe! LOL

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