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{March 23, 2012}   What Have I Agreed To???

What Have I Agreed To???


Hi everyone, welcome back. Something really crazy happened yesterday. I am a little freaked out about it, so you know I have to write about it!

I’ve been listening to the radio show Daytime With Donna for some time now. I’ve even called in to the show on occasion. Speaking on the radio, when someone else is a guest, is not a big deal. Although, for me, it wasn’t always so easy.

As a teen, I would call the local radio station during “request hour” or when the station was giving out free concert tickets. I would, as we say in the south “burn the phone up.” On the rare occasion I did get through, I quickly hung up without a word. Real smart, huh? But that was me. I was shy and awkward. The only place I felt completely at ease was when I am on the basketball court.

Eventually, I’d say it was sometime after I had my first child, I learned how to suffer through the shyness and do what needed to be done. How did I learn this? My child had a big mouth and a firm opinion. I was apologizing to strangers we passed on the street for her innocent remarks. Still, even with my newfound courage, I didn’t have much desire nor interest in calling any particular radio shows other than the occasional call and when Garth Brooks hit Jacksonville. I called and scored tickets three different times that day. Now, let me just say . . . Garth was doing eight shows in seven days. The tickets weren’t all for the same show, er…I mean, the same night. Okay, so I went overboard. Point is, I was not shy anymore. And I stand by all three shows, they were AWESOME!!

Today my twitter pal, Donna’s, weekly radio show is concerning social media. She has asked me to call in promptly at 2:00pm EST. First off, I’m hardly ever prompt. Stressor #1 : Be on time! Stressor #2 : Uhm, do I really need to point this one out?

If you’re one of my regular blog readers, you know I am very random. I’m also very . . . (what’s a nice way to say wacky?) unusual in my thoughts. Most things that cross my mind are not common thought for the average person. People, I’ve been told this! I am fine with the way my mind works. So it’s a little unconventional. Who cares. Having said that, if you think my writing is random, well buckle up big boys and girls because what comes out of my mouth is completely beyond random. I’m talking “foot in mouth” and “explain what you just meant” kind of random.

I have reluctantly agreed to call into the show in support for Donna and Nina, and to hopefully shed some light on some of the effects of social media. Well, my personal experiences with it and how it has affected my writing career.

I have met so many great people via these social outlets, and particularly through my writing. I’ve met and became friends with publishers, authors aspiring writers and received so much encouragement as I continue working toward my first novel. Yet, as I prepare for calling into the show, exposing my personal experiences, I can only say I feel like I am that awkward teenager calling in to “The Big Ape” for those Aerosmith tickets again. Which I never got through the line by the way, and that time, I was psyched NOT to hang up! All I can say is : watch out Donna, it’s gonna be bumpy ride!

If you dare, tune in and give a listen. Let me just say “this is an attempt to not make an idiot of myself, spread the positive aspects of how social media has helped get my name out in the writing world and I am not (repeat AM NOT) responsible for any stupid things I can (and accept it… I will) say.”

In all seriousness, thank you to Donna and Nina for asking me to be a voice on this important issue, albeit a shaky scared one voice!

Until next time . . . PEACE



ryoko861 says:

It actually sounds exciting! I’d be honored if someone asked me to call into a radio show. At least you know they’ll answer. Just relax and be yourself. If they didn’t think you’d do anything for the show they wouldn’t have asked you! Have fun and good luck!

Thank you! I am def very flattered….just anxious!! but I’ll pull thru…I always do 🙂


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