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{August 28, 2012}   Somethings Never Change

Hi Guys, I originally wrote this post back in August 2012. The fair just recently came to town and as I do every year, I think of this story. I hope you enjoy it.

August 28, 2012

Hi everyone, welcome!!

I am really happy today. No, I am extremely and completely ecstatic. Which for me, most of you know, is a roller coaster ride. But today, nothing can break me … even Isaac.

Why am I so happy? Well, I’ll have to give you a little history for you to appreciate it. I had a friend in high school that was the other part of me. We were always together, in fact, I truly believe he saved my life once. We were on a roller coaster (no, a real roller coaster…not my emotional one). Just about every fair has this ride. It’s the pirate boat and it swings in a full circle at, you guessed it, high speeds. My friend, David, is much bigger than me. Not in weight so much, but in bulk. You know the kind. The ones that make for a great football player. Broad shoulders and just solid. Come to think of it, I wonder if he’s the reason I’m drawn to have friends like Bill Goldberg. Hum…something to explore at a later date.

Anyway, of course, we were always together and this day at the fair was no different. We were side by side on this freaky ride. I’m 5’2″, sorta petite in stature. What I didn’t think about at the time was how David was much broader than I was. So when the security bar (one for two seats) comes down, well, it’s going to stop at . . . you guessed it, David’s shoulders. Crap. This leaves me basically just sitting next to a big guy with a foot or so of air between me and the metal security bar. Imagine an egg placed in a metal cup being jerked every which way. Something is bound to crack!

I realize the dire situation as the ride begins. You can’t scream “Let me off!!” because the operator just laughs and makes it go faster . . . I’ve seen this. So I’m thinking “I got Dave  beside me. I have to grow some balls! No way is he gonna see me acting like a girl! ” So I buck up. Then it happened. The boat does a full circle. Before I knew it, I was completely out of my seat heading toward the bar, pretty dang quickly I might add. “Don’t freak, don’t freak” was all I could think. Now, you would think, the first thought would be something like “grab the side or grab at David’s arm”. But, what can I say? I didn’t want to look like a sissy in front of the guy I thought was the coolest of cool. A fracture to the head? Sure, but Dave still thinks I’m tough. Ohhh the thoughts of the young.

I’m half way to the bar, mere milliseconds from hitting my head on this steal bar, when I feel the most comforting arms wrap around my waist to pull me close. Just in time. As we finished the ride, it was with me sitting so close to him that his shoulders were the only thing holding me down. Yea, to me, he saved my life. Even today, when I see that ride and my kid’s want to get on it. I look up at it, and say to myself, not today . . . David’s not here.

Now, I’m sure your wondering how this memory has made me so happy. It’s not exactly the memory. I have thought of that day many times over the years. My kids even know the story. It’s what happened today that has put me in such a rockin’ mood.

After years of not seeing David, I ran into him today. Nothing had changed. It was as if it was just the next day of school and I was meeting up with my best friend so we were able to endure a day of teachers and bullshit homework. We exchanged numbers, promised to keep in touch this time. And as I gave him a hug goodbye, I whispered “I love you.” He replied, “I love you too.” Seems like real, lifelong friendships never really die. They may sleep for awhile, but when you wake . . . the feelings and love is still there, just as strong as it was over 20 years ago.

Seeing David again was like putting salve on a wound. It’s kind of sad to feel that way, because of what caused the wound, but it’s the only way I know to describe how wonderful it was to see him again.

Needless to say, as soon as I got home, I texted him. We talked for awhile. This time, we won’t lose each other again. And I’m thankful for that.

Love you David!

Until next time . . . PEACE



neilslorance says:

Heya! love your writing, very personal and human just like you’re talking to a friend. Keep it up! nx

Thank you!! That means allot….I try to tell it like it is and be as honest as I can 🙂

Thats awesome for you.
I too have rekindled a old relationship with someone I called my best friend. I was sad for awhile cause things did not pick up where we last left them. I am ok now though it still makes me sad.
Things change. I understand that.

Yea, it’s VERY rare that you can just pick right back up…I had a very few best girl friends and me and my closest girl friend rarely talk….it’s just not the same…so much has changed…we went in different directions. Best just to build a new relationship on what you share now.

ryoko861 says:

That’s definitely a true friendship when you pick up, after years of being away, where you left off very comfortably! Yes, make sure you stay in touch now!! It happened with my best friend from my childhood. We were separated for 25 years, then we hooked up, of all places, on Facebook and it was like we never had that void. Great post!

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