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{October 30, 2012}   Die Another Day

“Die Another Day”

Hello everyone, welcome!

I have realized I have to get a job. If I am to finish my book(s), I am in the need to of a new personal computer. We all knew this day was coming. It’s been, what, a year and a half since I have been complaining of my old computer? Well, now, that computer has finally crashed completely. Won’t even boot up. Thankfully, I still have my precious iPad given as a gift from a dear friend. However, it is now starting to act “off”. It’s only a matter of time.

So, back on point. I need a job. First things first, it’s been a very long time since I’ve had to update my resume. Everything has changed. Formats are different, verbiage is different, hell, the number of acceptable pages are different! I begin to research the new style of resumes. What’s in? What’s out? Which would work best for me? I had no clue. I found a good site with some great samples I thought would work for my needs. I print out the information and a few samples to use as a guide from the Internet.

I had previously decided the best way to achieve a new and improved resume is not to even pull the old ones out for reference. Once I have my samples organized, I am prepared to begin my resume anew. I get all comfy and settled into a spacious spot and with my samples, other papers and iPad surrounding me I am ready to tackle creating a fantastic new resume.

Ten minutes later, here I sit, in my comfy spot, typing. This blog. Yep, I’ve done it again. Putting off what really needs to be done. But I have a good reason! It may be thing only time I’ve had a good reason, but who’s counting? Shut it!

I have had the flu. You heard me, the summer flu. I have been so tired and exhausted for two weeks. Finally decided to go to the doctor for antibiotics. So, after a few days of those, I am feeling better. However, thinking of using my brain to pull out some magnificent bullshit out of my ass so my resume kicks ass, is just way too exhausting to even think about, much less accomplish. That’s a good reason right?

Regardless, I still have this resume to write. It’s already Monday night so tonight out. It’s already late and the more tired I get, the more I ramble (yes, it gets worse). I certainly don’t want to worry about writing a resume when I’m exhausted. Something about having to put your employment history down knowing others with be judging you one way or the other. Like I would do THAT willingly when I already feel vulnerable due to lack of sleep!

There is Tuesday, but I promised the kids a day out. Wednesday is God’s day. Thursday? No, going to the beach with my niece. Friday is payday . . . allot of running around to do. Saturday? Are you kidding me? It’s Saturday.

I just don’t understand. Wait, what was it I was suppose to do?

Until next time . . . PEACE



Ha ha at least you are honest about your procrastination!

Oh theres no denying it….unfortunately lol. I’m trying to do better though!

You crack me up! Pull some bullshit out of your ass for your resume just made me laugh so hard! You say it like it is, and that’s what I love about you! Shit, I need to update my resume too!

Lol. Hey, mightbas well be straight up honest! xoxo

ryoko861 says:

Ugh, resumes! I understand the procrastination! I’d rather clean my bathrooms!

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