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{October 31, 2012}   What The Hell Did She Say?

“What The Hell Did She Say?”

Hello everyone welcome!

As you know, I have made the commitment to blog every day, Monday-Friday, however it has been quite awhile, almost a year, since I last blogged consistently. I seriously needed a break. I was blogging, writing two books at the same time (albeit not doing a great job of it) kids, family and finally finalizing a divorce, I just didn’t have much energy at the end of the day to come up with creative ideas each day and at some point, I lost the desire to try. I wanted to write, I just didn’t want to have to put the energy into the process of writing.

Now that things are on the verge of settling down a bit, or maybe I just finally missed the enjoyment and contentment I get from the writing process. Either way, here I am, writing again. And I am thankful for that!

There is one issue, however. I am still going through the finalization of the divorce and that is bound to get more stressful before it gets better. Yet, I am prepared for that, with a clean heart and a clean mind. Well, clean mind is relative . . . I can say, I am clean.

Back to the issue at hand. Sleep. Sleep! Or, shall I say, the lack of sleep. I fall asleep writing whether it be written by hand or typing on my ipad. I eventually wake up and there is something I have written that I have no idea how it got there nor what it means.

Now, I have always talked in my sleep. I say some pretty funny and messed up things in my sleep. I have warned my kids : “if you ask me something, make sure I am sitting up, looking you in your eyes before asking me your questions. And then, you make me repeat the question back to you”. Yes, I truly do this. Why? Too many, “mom, I asked you last night and you said I could do/go/get it! ” I have no memory of this. Yet, I know I do this, so I can’t just say it’s not true. This seems to have cleared things up.

Granted, I stay up way too late (I have trouble sleeping). Granted, I wake in the middle of the night several times (what’d I say, I have trouble sleeping…geez). But I’m forty two years old, I can’t be running on empty! No sleep equals wrinkles people. I’ve been lucky so far, I don’t want to get them now!

A few weeks ago, I woke up to one of my unconscious typed masterpieces. Here it is:

I was blogging to a good mate of mine (I’ll not included her name and twitter name here). She had been feeling unwell, so I was worried about her and wanted to ask how she was doing….It wasn’t long before sleep over took me. I think you will see where I feel asleep :

@ fake mate’s name hey MATEnnnjpptebhractrrtppppisteninhbcmmm

That’s it. People, when I say I haven’t been sleeping…. I mean it…. When I say, I’ve been busy busy busy, I’m not pulling “ya leg”.

This has been in my life for many years, so it’s really not a big deal. However, once in a while… I’ll hit that “send” button after a message like this. That doesn’t look so good for me. I look, well, drunk.

I promise you guys, I am not a drunkard. I’m just not well rested. In all fairness, it wouldn’t matter if I was rested . . . I’d still talk, type and write in my sleep cuz that’s just me 🙂

Until next time . . . PEACE



ha ha too funny

I know… I have more papers where I’ve been dead asleep but wrote something…never even woke up!!

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