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{May 16, 2014}   George Jones; One Year Later

I apologize this blog is a bit late. Long story short . . . multiple computer issues. However, finally I can give this to you! I hope you enjoy!


When it comes to my writing, I’m pretty laid back. However, you either get my humor or you don’t. Most of my blog posts basically consist of whatever crazy idea which happens to be on my mind on any particular day. My blogs are random, at times serious but more often the topic is something so ridiculous silly and off the wall. Those are the ones I hear this comment most: “I can’t believe you wrote that!! But somehow, it makes so much sense!” Remember the “arm pit hair blog?” Yea, that was a golden one!

Typically, an idea pops into my mind, I’ve made my notes, written and posted it within a 24 hour period. This is not one of them. I’m a bit of a history buff not to mention I know a freakishly amount of meaningless trivia, so fact checking is usually not a detail ordeal. I usually know enough about history to get by with the very least amount of research possible to ensure my facts are correct.

However, research has not been the issue with this one. The issue, you ask? How do I honor this man sufficiently? I’ve been actively preparing for this blog, day in and day out, for over two months now. Somehow, I always fall short. Am I stressed? Yes. Am I exhausted? Yep. Am I honored? Absolutely!

One year ago, last month, God called another angel home. George Jones went to receive his reward. It was the very same month, fifteen years ago, that his long time singing partner, ex wife and mom to beautiful Georgette Jones, Tammy Wynette was called home.

I cannot remember a time when I didn’t know who George was, even when I didn’t understand what he meant in some of his songs. “The Corvette Song” anyone?. My dad raised me on George and Tammy.

I have tweeted, posted, texted, private messaged and spoken with every possible one I could and asked “what’s your favorite George Jones song?” It wasn’t as if I was taking a poll. I simply have a HARD time choosing MY favorite song! There are so many I love. Just when I’d say “Whose Gonna Fill Their Shoes?” I say (yes to myself… don’t judge.. ) “No, The Race is on”. Repeat that about a thousand times with ALL his songs. I swear, I think I just might know every song word by word without hearing it for years. Kind of freaks my kids out. I’ll be writing or watching tv with the music on.. they’ll walk in…starting talking .. I’ll reply…George comes up…dead middle sentence I’m compelled to sing. Oh, and by the way, you know that bucket? The one you can’t carry a tune in? Yea, write my name on the side in John Deere Green. Yes, I am aware Joe Diffe sings the song. I’m trying to make a point here.

I have often said, “music heals.” I know this to be true. Tammy’s Til I Can Make It On My Own got me through my divorce.


It absolutely does not matter what song, George sings. His voice is like salve to my heart. For those of us musically challenged, any singer who can actually sing well keeps us in awe. George kept us entranced. This mix is only a few of my favorite Jones songs.


George and Tammy made us feel as if we knew them personally. With the end of April, Mother’s Day behind up and as Father’s Day approaches, I think about Georgette. As difficult as this time of the year is for her, she continues to open up and share parts of this beloved pair with us. Simply because she is proud and she knows they have helped us through their music.

I see fans posting to Georgette things such as “you sound just like your dad” or “you sound just like your mom’. Personally, I don’t believe she sounds “just like” either parent. She has her own distinct sound. It is a mixture between her parents sound but completely her own. In her music we find the same healing, comfort, down to earth warmth that made us fall in love with George and Tammy. We are finding ourselves fast falling in love with her by her own merit. Just as I picture George and Tammy would have wanted.


Georgette, to you, I want to say how very special your parents and the music were and continue to be in my life. I humbly thank you for continuing to share and give us a glimpse into your life. Whether you know it or not, you are allowing us to heal, enjoy and sometimes be sad with you. They will forever be missed.

Collage 2014-05-16 18_07_27

Until next time . . . Peace



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