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{August 11, 2014}   Knightdale Dragons: Let’s Do This!

Knightdale Dragons: Let’s Do This!

Hi everyone! Welcome. Most of you have probably heard of the site If you haven’t, take a minute and check it out. Basically, it’s a web site anyone can post a request asking friends, family even strangers to donate money to help said person purchase whatever they need may have at the time. In theory, it’s meant to help those who cannot afford to cover certain necessities. Sounds pretty simple right?
I’ve actually struggled with such sites. As with any “donation” requests, for lack of a better word, you have a good amount of bullsh#ters just trying to get money because they can. It’s unfortunate and I personally do not understand how anyone could in any circumstance can scam people out of money and to top it off . . . have no conscience about it. You know I’m right on this one. Then there’s the other issue I am dealing daily. With one kid in University and leaving in two weeks to spend a year in Japan as well as another child graduating this year, my funds are squealing I’m squeezing so tight.

There’s a third issue. I have a true need myself. I almost lost my life but for the Grace of God last September and in the process totaled my Jeep. I have not been able to replace it. I have three children and no vehicle and no means to replace it. Yet, I didn’t feel right about posting asking for money. Especially the couple thousand it would require to purchase a decent car. So, in my mind . . . why on earth would I donate to someone unless it was a dear friend? I just don’t have it. This is my struggle with this site.

Yesterday, I saw something which caused me to have a change of heart. Now, I am fond of the Lizard Lick Towing crew; each one. I’ve been lucky enough to interact with them on several occasions. I admire the way they run the business, I admire the way they so obviously allow God to be first. There’s so many reasons to admire them. Oh, let me just say right quick for those who think the Lick crew is scum because they are in the repo business. After my divorce years ago, I had a repo. I took the keys to the company. I was responsible for the payments, I couldn’t make them, and I returned the car. I didn’t hide the vehicle. I didn’t stay on the run with it. I didn’t burst into the office breaking things because my car was gone. So, let’s not berate the Shirley’s for doing their job. (This is my statement not Ronnie nor Amy’s).

Back on point. I ran across a Vine from Ronnie Shirley speaking about the GoFundMe account he has established. After reading the post, I knew I had to do something. I immediately posted on Facebook and twitter and retweeted it several times. Since it is now past 3:00 am, and I haven’t slept, obviously that just wasn’t enough. So, I go to my writing hoping to reach all my readers. There’s a few thousand so it has to make some difference right? So many of us are blessed in that we can provide not only the necessities but the recreational sports equipment needed for our kids and the community. Even if sometimes, doing this takes our last dollar. But we give our last dollar so our kids can be a part of a team. Not only because they want to play but because the ripple effect playing a sport puts into is motion is immeasurable. I don’t have to go into how many times it’s been proven playing at least one sport largely keeps kids out of trouble. And that is just one positive . . . extremely positive aspect of being able to play on a team. In Ronnie’s post he mentions wanting his sons to play in a league with good solid character reinforcing. Not like some leagues have become . . . all about the win . . . coaches in it for the wrong reasons…etc. Down here, I’m lucky enough to have a great community with wonderful volunteers. We are also blessed with having the equipment needed to learn, play and fellowship. We have a place for our kids to go after school. A field to play on. Ronnie’s team, the Knightdale Dragons, is not so fortunate.

As Ronnie’s post will tell you (I won’t list them all I’ve talked enough) they have nothing. Zilch. Not even a field. They do have one thing however. They have kids who want to be involved. Who want to be a part of a team. This team really needs our help guys. Please go check out Ronnie’s post Just take a few minutes and read it. If you are able, I know these kids would be so grateful. If you are unable to help, that’s ok too. I would still encourage you to go read about these great kids. I’m headed there right now.

Oh, and Ronnie and Amy are matching the first $3500.00. That is sure to buy every possible thing this team needs!

Thanks guys!

Until next time . . . PEACE
AJ Carroll


Lizard Lick says:

Thank You and please let me know If I can ever help you in any way —

Thanks R… my pleasure! But I’m not done yet, my friend! I sent you an DM stating if I can every at any time help you or Amy with anything… a blog, if you need some fancy foot work (writing….unless I’m ever up there and have to have Amy’s back…I got it!) I’m happy to help in anyway I can!

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