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{August 20, 2015}   Alan: The Ultimate Periscoper

Hi everyone! I hope everyone has been doing well since I’ve last posted. I know it has been quite a while. Now that I think about it, maybe I should ask for updates on what’s new in your life. Anyone give birth? Married? Found love? Lost love? Anyway, I hope life has been good to each of you!

I’m usually the last to know things. By things, I mean new social sites, news, changes in social sites . . . changes in general really. I don’t care for change. I rebel against any slight change. So, when I receive invites to join a new social site (usually coming from my friend Karla) I’m torn between “HELL no, not another site to learn and keep up with. No way.” And “If I want to keep my name out there for my writing, I must be active on the latest social sites as well as the current ones.” Eventually, I’ll join the new site and see if and how I will be able to utilize it to help promote, learn and stay up to date with what’s going on in the world. I try to give it a good six months. More often than not, I end up deleting my profile. Although I enjoy conversing with friends and followers on the sites I have not used the sites solely for “fun” purposes, until now.

First of all, I actually found out about this new site before Karla and was able to teach her of a new site for once! Shout out to Christina for the turning me on to Periscope.

What is this Periscope I speak of, you ask? It’s fun as shit! But that’s not really a description is it? Easiest way to explain it: it’s like twitter but live video. Someone takes a video and the followers can “tweet” questions, statements etc in real time. It’s pretty damn cool.

Now, I’m not really certain exactly how I ran across this one dude, Alan, but praise all that’s holy I did. He is not only cute as can be, he’s hilarious. But we all know my sense of humor is a bit off (no offense intended Alan). It’s nothing specific I can put my finger on but the dude cracks me up! He lives in LA yet he seems to have that small town heart. I think that’s what makes him so endearing. He always tries to say hi to everyone who comments during his live stream. He seems to be a tidbit shy if someone says how cute he is. It’s freakin ADORABLE! Now, all this being said he’s in law enforcement. I don’t say that negatively. It takes allot of balls to be in law enforcement especially is such a large city. Before anyone chews my ass … yes, I understand there are good cops and some bad cops. Alan is clearly one of the good ones. How do I know this? After all, he has never pulled me over. You can tell allot about someone by watching them just goofing around. A genuine person, when goofing around, you can see it in the eyes. You can feel it in the laugh. You feel a certain kinship toward someone you can watch live stream where ANYTHING can happen and trip the person up. A fake person, a con, can’t do that for long. It’s all in the eyes if you look deep enough. Alan is one cool guy…I’m sad (just a little) that I don’t know him as a friend in person. But then again, one cool as shit guy and one up for almost anything hippy . . . I can see some trouble coming. However, it would be one hell of a friendship! One to remember.

All joking aside, Periscope is the shiznit. Go check it out and don’t forget to follow Alan. Guaranteed some laughs and you’ll come out of it with a much lighter heart. Thank you Alan!!

Here is a recent video from Alan. Go watch . . . now, because it only stays up 24 hours! If you view this after the video expires just go to my Periscope @WriterAJCarroll and look under my follows or go directly to his page @Jewce22

Until next time . . . Peace



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