How I Ended Up This Way's Blog

Hi! I am A.J. I am a single mother of 3 and live in the southeast, Florida to be exact. After my marriage ended, I realized somewhere along the way, I had changed from a woman I loved into a woman I no longer even liked. I began this blog hoping through the process of writing, I would be able to find the woman I once was. I went through so many emotions; good, bad and hilarious during this process. It took a great amount of time and a long winding road to be able to “find” the person I once was. The one before the marriage turned bitter;before my world came crashing down.

Through each of these emotions, I have learned to love the person I am now and was able to reconnect with the person I once was before everything turned upside down in my life.

I have learned not to take life too seriously. Some things are just not worth the energy it takes to worry. I have learned, again, to laugh at myself and most important to make people laugh.

I can now live a happy life, knowing I AM someone worth the happiness with or without a guy. I hope my experiences will help someone, make someone laugh, or just give some soul out there someone they can relate too.

I look forward and I hope you decide to take this journey with me.

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A.J. …… PEACE .


Good luck! Loved your blog 🙂

thank you! I hope you come back for more and move with us to my official website on Friday!


Todd Beal says:


I read your bio[s] and am leaving this comment to say best wishes, and may God pour out his wisdom in your writing career. Thanks for your desire to help others transform through your past.

Thank you for taking the time to leave this message for me. It always brings me back to the purpose in which I started this blog. It’s good to hear that people are still searching for someone to relate to and if they stumble upon my site, and it helps them…i am very happy.

Thanks hun


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