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{November 1, 2013}   I’ve Always Wanted To Say . . .

November 1, 2013

I’ve Always Wanted To Say . . .

Hi everyone, welcome to my world.

Several months back a friend of mine made a comment via a twitter conversation. It went something like this :

Her : “. . . remind me to watch Family Jewels next week, it looks good.”

Me : “Yea, I hope they don’t split up.”

Her : “Well, you cant have your cake and eat it too. Dude, I’ve always wanted to say that! And the one about the cow and the milk.”

For some reason, on that day, it was the funniest thing I had heard in a long time. I knew I had to do this blog. It’s not a “bucket list” it’s more of a “Cliché list”. So, here is my list of some cliques I’ve always wanted to say; at just the right time.

5) It was just gonna lay there . . .

“What? I hit the deer with my truck and got it off the road purdy (yes, purdy) soon after.I didn’t mean to hit it and it was just gonna lay there anyways. DINNER!”

4) A guilty dog . . .

“You know he’s full of shit; a guilty dog barks the loudest!”

3) He’s nuttier . . .

“He’s nuttier than a squirrel’s turd.” (yea, not the best one)

2) Lock . . .

“Lock and Load” (this is of course when carrying an semi automatic rifle.Somehow though, when I say it, I actually hear the voice of David Keith when he said it in U571)

1) Ain’t takin my . . .

“Dumbass (I toned that down for the innocent of hearts) you aint taking my mutha’ fuk’n ass to jail! (only. . . you know, to a cop).

Now, you know this is all said if fun. Personally, I wouldn’t eat a deer; perfectly good road kill or not. And I simply can’t even say the words “nuttier” and “turd” in the same sentence (I’m just too immature not to laugh my ass off at that. Last but not least, when I see a cop, I can only seem to say “yes sir/maam, no sir/maam”.

For years, well his whole life really, my grandfather would answer the telephone the same exact way. Every single time. As a child, it was irritating. As an adult, it was funny. Now, it’s just simply missed. I miss hearing him answer his phone: “It’s your nickel.” (I don’t think he got the whole inflation thing!)

Until next time . . . PEACE


{January 8, 2013}   Ode To Aunt Sue

Hey everyone . . . welcome.

It’s been a rough beginning of the year for me. We buried a dear soul Saturday; my Aunt Sue.  It’s been FREAKIN tough … no, it’s PLUMB HARD writing this blog.

See, anytime I was stuck on a blog, I’d call my aunt Sue. For some very ODD reason (uh, Teddy… imagine THAT!) my auntie could talk me out of any crisis . . . she had that soothing voice.  Whether it was my brother’s death (Tim), my cousin’s death (her son, Alva), another cousin’s (Alan) death or a minor crisis like writer’s block, Sue had the magic touch for me.

Yet, each time I sat down to write this blog about her, I’d end up bawling. Then I’d get frustrated, then I’d reach for the phone to call my auntie so she could use her “magic voice” and calm me, so I could focus . . . Then, I would remember. She’s not here anymore.

My aunt went home to the Lord on December 27, 2012. She lost her battle with liver cancer. Through tears, I am somehow writing this.

I can still remember her and her old blue Chevy. It was a 1980, I think.  I was around eleven or so when we all hopped in the back to go to the creek. It was me, my brothers and Sue’s two sons — James and Alva.  Sue was driving on a back road in hillbilly Arkansas, (I can say that because I LIVED there!) and she took a curve too fast just as her tire inched off the road onto the loose gravel. My little cousin, Alva, who was about seven or so, went flying over the side LITERALY. He would have died that day, if it weren’t for my brother Tim who had managed to grab him right in mid air.

But what do I remember most about that day? It was how shaken Sue was.  You have to remember, I was only eleven or so at the time. I didn’t have kids, didn’t appreciate the whole “life and death” thing because up until that point in my life, I’d never lost anyone close to me.

Us kids, we were all like “that was COOL!!! DUDE!!! YOU SEE THAT?!!!” God Bless the innocent ones. But Sue was FREAKIN freaked the hell out!!! Yes, I realize I used two “freakin” variations in a row, BUT it calls for it!  Well, now that I am a parent, I get it.

We all look back at that day and smile with appreciative love. That single event, affected me in many ways. At the time, of course we thought it was awesome. As I got older, it was not only awesome it was filled with amazement at exactly how things happened the way they did. It all happened in a mere fraction of a second and could have gone either way. As I had children, the fear of just exactly how close not only Alva was to being seriously injured, but we all could have gone over the side that day. Sue could have lost complete control and flipped the old blue. Now, as a much older version of the young girl in the back of that truck, I still feel every inch of awesomeness, amazement, fear and even enjoyment. We didn’t realize it at the time, but Tim didn’t save Alva. God saved Alva, through Tim. Just like God blessed me with my aunt Sue.  Therein, lays the joy.

Aunt Sue had many struggles and strange occurrences in her young life, yet she always stayed strong. I can hear her voice even now giving me advice.

                 Me : “Aunt Sue, how did you manage to raise James and Alva after Big

                            Alva was killed? I don’t understand how you can manage to live without


                 Sue :  “I don’t know, honey. You just do it.” 

I have always loved this photo of me and my aunt taken February 1971. So, now my beloved blog followers, I am sharing this photo of us with you. Aunt Sue, you are gone but never, EVER forgotten!


Sue 1

    August 5, 1953 – December 27, 2012

May we all learn to slow down as we are going through life’s back roads and not take the curves too fast. Just feel every emotion God gives you. You never know, what feels badly today may bring you much appreciation later.

Now, I think I’ll play some Charlie Daniels in my aunt’s honor. Then, maybe I’ll play some Hinsons.  Ya’ll be good, ya hear?

Ya’ll, let’s say we kick some CANCER butt?? Whadda ya say??

Til next time  . . . peace


{October 29, 2012}   Back To Basics

“Back To Basics”

Hi everyone! Welcome back!! I know, it’s about time right? I know, I have been MIA for what, about a year now? I had some issues I had to deal with and get through. Finally, I truly believe I am at a place where I am not just content but dare I say happy?? I do!! I say it: HAPPY!

So, you all know what that means. Back to the random sometimes crazy thoughts that roam around aimlessly through my mind. I will, eventually, go into what led me to have to take some time off, but for now shall we just have some fun? Yea, that’s my idea of spending a great morning…entertaining you guys!!

I have a friend, well, she began as just another person on twitter wanting to start a blog. However, in the process of our conversations about blogging, etc, she has become a pretty good friend. She’s also has had a little problem with procrastination and getting her blog going consistently. After awhile of me reassuring her “blogging is a decision and you have control of that decision” and “It’s your blog, post when you want to” AND “to have a consistent following, you have to be consistent in your posting”…uh-oh…that hit real close to home.

After realizing the advise I gave her was solid, I had to reexamine my own blogging habits as of late. I’ve not been very dependable have I?

Allyson, my new blogging friend, and I have made a pact. I will get off my ass and post a blog for you every day… well, Monday-Friday like I should and she will get off her ass and well . . . just blog! She’s still finding her voice in the world of blog. But she will get there.

Now, as for you, my faithful followers, thank you for sticking with me. And for doing such, I hereby give you permission, no I request that if I miss a blog . . . go to twitter and let me have it! Seriously, give me all you got! You know you can…nothing stopped you before 🙂 And I dearly love you for that.

I also have a very exciting surprise for you! Well, I think it’s very exciting; you may not really care either way. In an attempt to keep me on my toes, Allyson and I have implemented and will be posted every Wednesday. What is WTF Wednesday. Basically, every Wednesday, I will be surprising Allyson with a completely random topic for that day. Allyson will also be doing the same with me. So, basically, when we wake on Wednesday, neither of us will know what we will be blogging that day! Talk about flying by the seat of your pants! I am very excited by the prospect of having to write an amazing blog without any prior planning. All I can say, is buckle up and hold on tight . . . it’s bound to get a little bumpy!

Be sure to check out my friend Allyson’s site at : .Feel free to blast her on twitter if she misses a day as well 😉 It all comes from love Allyson!

Until next time . . . PEACE


{March 23, 2012}   What Have I Agreed To???

What Have I Agreed To???


Hi everyone, welcome back. Something really crazy happened yesterday. I am a little freaked out about it, so you know I have to write about it!

I’ve been listening to the radio show Daytime With Donna for some time now. I’ve even called in to the show on occasion. Speaking on the radio, when someone else is a guest, is not a big deal. Although, for me, it wasn’t always so easy.

As a teen, I would call the local radio station during “request hour” or when the station was giving out free concert tickets. I would, as we say in the south “burn the phone up.” On the rare occasion I did get through, I quickly hung up without a word. Real smart, huh? But that was me. I was shy and awkward. The only place I felt completely at ease was when I am on the basketball court.

Eventually, I’d say it was sometime after I had my first child, I learned how to suffer through the shyness and do what needed to be done. How did I learn this? My child had a big mouth and a firm opinion. I was apologizing to strangers we passed on the street for her innocent remarks. Still, even with my newfound courage, I didn’t have much desire nor interest in calling any particular radio shows other than the occasional call and when Garth Brooks hit Jacksonville. I called and scored tickets three different times that day. Now, let me just say . . . Garth was doing eight shows in seven days. The tickets weren’t all for the same show, er…I mean, the same night. Okay, so I went overboard. Point is, I was not shy anymore. And I stand by all three shows, they were AWESOME!!

Today my twitter pal, Donna’s, weekly radio show is concerning social media. She has asked me to call in promptly at 2:00pm EST. First off, I’m hardly ever prompt. Stressor #1 : Be on time! Stressor #2 : Uhm, do I really need to point this one out?

If you’re one of my regular blog readers, you know I am very random. I’m also very . . . (what’s a nice way to say wacky?) unusual in my thoughts. Most things that cross my mind are not common thought for the average person. People, I’ve been told this! I am fine with the way my mind works. So it’s a little unconventional. Who cares. Having said that, if you think my writing is random, well buckle up big boys and girls because what comes out of my mouth is completely beyond random. I’m talking “foot in mouth” and “explain what you just meant” kind of random.

I have reluctantly agreed to call into the show in support for Donna and Nina, and to hopefully shed some light on some of the effects of social media. Well, my personal experiences with it and how it has affected my writing career.

I have met so many great people via these social outlets, and particularly through my writing. I’ve met and became friends with publishers, authors aspiring writers and received so much encouragement as I continue working toward my first novel. Yet, as I prepare for calling into the show, exposing my personal experiences, I can only say I feel like I am that awkward teenager calling in to “The Big Ape” for those Aerosmith tickets again. Which I never got through the line by the way, and that time, I was psyched NOT to hang up! All I can say is : watch out Donna, it’s gonna be bumpy ride!

If you dare, tune in and give a listen. Let me just say “this is an attempt to not make an idiot of myself, spread the positive aspects of how social media has helped get my name out in the writing world and I am not (repeat AM NOT) responsible for any stupid things I can (and accept it… I will) say.”

In all seriousness, thank you to Donna and Nina for asking me to be a voice on this important issue, albeit a shaky scared one voice!

Until next time . . . PEACE


{January 19, 2012}   Ten Things

December 27, 2013

Hey guys! Welcome! I originally posted this blog last January. Since I’ve gained many new reader’s recently, I thought I’d repost . . . Just to give you a little insight in to who “AJ” is. I hope you enjoy!!

January 18, 2012

Hello everyone. Welcome back!! As most of you know, last year I decided to take a bit of time off from blogging for personal reasons. One day, when it’s not so raw, I’ll write and tell you all about it. For now, it’s just good to be writing again. I hope you are as excited to read about my crazy life as I am to tell you about it!

I thought I would start by refreshing my readers as well as give some insight to my new readers into who I am, my writing style and more importantly, my odd, sometimes very weird, sense of humor.

So, here we go.

Ten Things You May Not Know About Me; But Should:

10. I am addicted to the TV show “Toddlers & Tiaras”. I’m not certain whether I am in awe

       of the girls or dumbfounded by the moms. Maybe both.

9.  I strive to be a peaceful person. I try to think before I speak. However, what you don’t know,

     is there is someone in my life that I secretly hate …. more and more. It’s a never-ending

     conflict within myself.

8.  I think Bill Goldberg is the epitome of a male role model. It’s very clear in his everyday

      public life he strives to be . . . better. I am proud to have my son look up to him.

Now for the fun part 🙂

7.  Sometimes, I make my kids watch the cartoons “Fairly Odd Parents” and “Dexter’s

     Laboratory” just so I can watch it without looking like a loser (yes, I know, that ship has

     sailed!). Who can turn down two faeries and a genius scientist? Not me!

6.  I can’t focus on anything unless my bed is made…forget the rest of the room…

5.  I cuddle with my cat. Not crazy enough? Ok, my cat and I sleep chest to chest with her paw

     touching the side of my check 🙂 isn’t that sweet? Or does that fall under mental?


4.  I speak German, a bit of Spanish and American Sign Language. With my sucky memory,

      it’s not an easy task!

3.  Stewie from “Family Guy” I find strangely hilarious. As you can tell, I am easily amused.

2.  I am a hippy at heart.

NOW for the big one…..

1. I have three tattoos! I know, I look so sweet and *cough, sorry I choked on that word…innocent (damn cough again!) but I have me a wild hair.

Hopefully, I have shared some good things with you so that you aren’t ill with me for being gone so long. Maybe if I tell you where my tattoo is?

Here’s one more for the road : I know a perversely amount of meaningless trivia!!

Until Next Time . . . PEACE


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