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{May 27, 2011}   You Are Mine

Hi everyone! Welcome back. I know, it’s been too long.

Most of you know my niece. I’ve talked about her. I’ve shown a picture here and there. She’s just  so adorable . . . everyone agrees. Well, I’m going to show you a little window into that baby’s world; as she sees it.


I’m going to call her Sasha. I’m not sure if her mom would want me to mention her name or not . . . plus, Sasha is a cool name. I could so be a Sasha.

Let me tell you a few things about her. She’s two years old. She has beautiful blonde hair, hazel eyes and a “conquer the world” attitude. Her mom is working with her on her colors. Girl doesn’t know them all . . . but dammit, she will ask for her “purple paci”. Purple, she knows.

My oldest daughter has gotten Sasha hooked on a group called Alice Nine specifically, the lead singer Shou. Or as Sasha calls
him, Sho-Sho. She is very adamant about her feelings for him. “Sho-Sho” is . . . and I quote, “hers”. End of story. You just have to understand this one thing; don’t mess with Sho-Sho. It doesn’t matter what she is doing, when she hears the group’s music, she pops up and goes into a daze watching them. Sort of like me when I hear Charlie Daniels.

She recently enlisted my daughters help in writing him a letter. Basically, saying general things “hi, what are you doing? I have a paci” you know, really important things. Alas, before the letter is finished, she had her own things to tell him . . . some of it she told us, some she kept as a secret. People, remember she’s two. I thought I’d share the letter with you. It sort of takes me back do the second grade and the “check yes or no” letters. Sasha’s letter is a bit more . . . well, let’s just say she doesn’t give the option of using the “check box”.

Dear Sho-Sho,


I like my paci.

Where are you? 

I love you.


You are mine.



Ahhh . . . to be young again.

Until next time……Peace


{May 16, 2011}   Blogs, Blogs and More Blogs

Blogs, Blogs and More Blogs!

May 16, 2010

Hi everyone, welcome back! I know, it’s been a long time coming, right? Well, the past month or so, I have been very sick. So badly, that the desire to write was even hard to come by. Thing is, now that I am feeling better, I have tons of blogging ideas.

Actually, I have approximately eight blogs either half way written or very well into the blog itself. I just don’t have a single finished blog for you guys! That makes me nuts! I am severely ADHD, my mind jumps from subject to subject at its will. And you all know what that means, considering how my mind works; there is no telling what those blogs will be about. But, hey, that’s why you guys love me, right? I thought so. Hey, at least I’m not OCD.

Sorry, I had to put that in there . . . for some reason, I have to say “I Don’t Have OCD” 5 times a day or well, something bad will happen I’m sure.

By the way, please excuse any typo’s or weird wording in this blog . . . I am working on one eye contact here, and it’s not even the right strength. I’m so damn stubborn. I have to go to the eye doctor. Sigh.

With the ADHD, I’m not just talking about writing. I’ll try to clean my room – which isn’t very big – and it takes me two hours to get it all done because I jump from dusting to arranging, etc. You get my point.

Where was I? Oh, the blogging. See, no concentration.

Yet I promised myself I would get back on track today with my writing. So, here I am I, giving you your blog.

I’m sorry it’s not up to par, but I promise you, I have some great stuff coming up! Weird, freaky, plain out WTF stuff to share and it’s ALL true!

The next picture does not pertain in any way to this blog, I just liked J LO’s ass in this picture. And it will give you guys something to look at until tomorrow. Even a straight girl can appreciate her ass.

Until next time……Peace


Hello everyone! Welcome.

Aren’t Mondays supposed to suck? I mean, we all moan and groan when Monday morning get here. We get all geared up in anticipation of starting a new week. A new week of commuting to work or if you work from home, we gear up and get into our “work mode”. Another week of, for most of us, dealing with idiots, at least that’s what I hear!

Something must be very wrong with me today. Because, I had forgotten it was even Monday! Of course, I do have a really really good reason to forget what day it is. I scarcely remember what month it is. It’s still March, right?

So, my twitter family, most of them anyway, has already heard I received a top mention on my “I Am One” blog. With that, I earned a little money. Not a bad deal, huh? Well, things just keep getting better and I want to share it all with you, every step of the way.

I know I’ve told you this before, but for the new followers please be patient. When I started the blog, it was for the purpose of helping others as well as personal healing. I started out blogging of the end of my marriage, the pain that came with and how I pulled myself back together. I just wanted to bring to light we are not alone during these times, because I had felt so alone. Soon my blog turned towards my random thoughts, like arm pit hair, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air reunion, my cousin’s adventure on COPS, oh and who can forget the drunken clown? I know I have been unable to wash that memory from my brain, and I have tried!

With each blog came reinforcement of my validity. It has always been my intent to write a book, actually many books, and I have begun Confessions2AJ. I am about half way through in case you’re wondering, but I need more confessions! So send them on .

I have some wonderful and amazing news to share with you today. Last night, completely out of the blue, I retained a manager! That’s right, I’m big time now, baby! All joking aside, I am floored still. I am not sure how well I will be able to hand over part of my life, well . . . control of this part of my life, but I know I will soon learn and be happier for it. We have, well I need to give her her due, she has some amazing ideas upcoming  for all of us!

Thank you all for joining and sticking with me on the crazy ride! I promise, when I meet Ed Burns for talks of a film– because, you know I will – I’ll remember how I got there.

Until next time……Peace


{January 26, 2011}   Finally…I Got Noticed!!

Hello everyone!

All of us want to get recognition at some point in our life. Whether it is during your childhood or maybe you played on your high school basketball team, it is probable to say part of you wanted some recognition for your ability.

I was no different. Well, up until high school, I just wanted to get through the day. Although I had played basketball since the second grade (they started us very early in the small town of Newark, Arkansas) it wasn’t until my high school years that I became comfortable being in front of the crowd that would gather to watch us play. I finally learned to actually forget that the crowd was even there and just do what I loved to do. Play basketball. Being five foot two, I constantly had to prove myself and my ability to rock the court. This was fine with me. I played point guard and it never failed when playing a new team, who ever was guarding me would cover me from about 5 to 7 feet back. I mean it was clear what they were thinking, “what’s this little thing going to do? She may be fast but she’s just a ball handler. Cover the tall girl; don’t let shorty get the ball to her.”


This mentality really was ok with me. As a matter of fact, I enjoyed it. I probably enjoyed it a little too much. To be 100% honest with you, I loved it. I know you’re on the edge of your seat wondering why, right? No worries, I am going to tell you. I love it because I always knew exactly how this would end. I had been through the same situation many times. Once we got the ball, whether it was a rush back to our end or as more commonly, at a slower pace as it was the beginning of the game, I’d call the play (I was also team captain my Senior year) let my team set up, then just as soon as everyone was in position and girl was 5 plus feet off me, I’d let it go . . . 3pts, bam! Needless to say, next time down the court, not only was girl basically on top of me, I could actually hear her couch yelling at her to “get on her!” Ah, but I loved that sound. Do you hear that? Is that the sound of all the short people going “whoop, whoop” I hear?

So, what is this all about? I loved that notice I received as a ball player. Now, I am experiencing the same thrill as I did back then. Yesterday, I ran across something that made me feel like I was set to take that 3 point shot, and yes, I held no doubt I would make the shot. If I can confidently say, without a doubt, it’s that I can play basketball. I have worked hard my entire life for the privilege to be able to say this. Even in my writing, I am confident, yet not as confident as I am on the court.

On October 11, 2010, I reached a new milestone. One of my blogs was published in the online magazine “The Writer’s Daily” ran my Carrie White. I had been in the Daily before, but only in the “tweet” capacity. In other words, when I would tweet something I saw in the news or the like, it would be placed in the Daily. So, I really didn’t count those as they were not my words. Don’t get me wrong, I am still honored to be mentioned in the Daily. Here is the link

When I saw my blog in the Daily on October 11, I was excited, in a state of disbelief that I was actually getting some notice, and very proud yet probably not for the reasons you may be thinking. I was so proud because this particular piece of work was very close to my heart. It was in celebration of my late brother’s birthday. If you go back on that date on my blog, you can read the blog I wrote in celebration for my brother, my protector, my best friend.

However, today, another huge milestone in my writing career happened! And I want to share every step of my journey with you all. You have all been so supportive!

Just by chance, I stumbled crossed something that completely stopped me in my tracks. It was a website, completely unknown to me. Guys, right there, under their “links” on their page was my blog link! Someone, unbeknownst to me, somehow found out about my blog and actually liked it enough to put it in there rotating line up of links! This is a huge step for me as a writer! And I so happy I am able to share this with you. You feel as part of my family. Some of you are my family. Here is the link . You may have to check it a few times as it is a rotating link.

A few other things happened this week that is quite amazing. First, I was asked… actually asked by a musician to write a review of his music. How cool is that! This review is a huge step because it introduces me to the music industry! I am just beside myself. I’m still a bit shell shocked.

Oh, and I can not forget the attention from Edward Burns. A genus in the Independent Film industry! Here’s hoping for a movie! Of course, you understand if Ed wants to do a screen play of my crazy life, the 3 books I have lined up after “Confessions” may have to wait a while. I mean really, do you honestly think I’d put Ed off? Pff…not gonna happen!

I know, wow. What else can I say? I’m a bit speechless! Yea, me!

Until next time……Peace


{January 14, 2011}   Dear Hef.

Hello everyone! Welcome. Sorry it’s been awhile! My classes have resumed and I had to find that groove between classes, writing the Villisca Axe Murders series, blogging, writing the book and having plenty of time with the kids. I think I have found an even balance now, so blogs should start getting back to a more regular balance.

Today, I have a very special man I am sending an open letter to. He is THE man. Every man wants to be like him; most women want to at least meet him. He is Hugh Hefner. Need I say more?

Dear Hef,

I am writing this open letter to you. I don’t want to take up much of your time, so I will get right to the point. What’s it going to take? What will I have to do to get an invite to the Playboy Mansion? Some green? Some elbow…err… hard work? A lil’ som’n-som’n? Maybe even a story in honor of you and the beautiful ladies of the house? Just tell me what it’s going to take dude. I want to visit the playboy mansion! 

I am a writer by trade and I’m sure you can tell by now, I have my own sense of humor. I have a blog, I write short stories, and I am writing a book as we speak. I am also writing a series of articles on my web site entailing the true story on the Villisca Axe Murders of 1912. What I’m saying is, I’d love to write an article or short story on what it is like spending time in the mansion. Damn. I’ve promised my readers that I will always be honest with them so I must admit, I really just want to visit the mansion! I’ve got to be honest with you! I need to visit the mansion! The past 3 years, before I began writing a year ago, was pure hell. Does that help in pleading my case? It’s a true statement, but hey, I need all the help I can get to convince you! I’m pretty, or so people tell me, but I know I’m no Jenny McCarthy.

I’ve written several articles on several celebrities and since became friends with some of them. This list includes Bill Goldberg, Leann Rimes, Thaao Penghlis.

We can tour the mansion, I can hang with you and the girls, we can hang by the pool all day… okay, okay, I can scrub your kitchen floors. I can shampoo your carpets, clean your toilets. Just don’t tell my fans, ok? How can we make this happen? What’s it going to take? Cause, I’m game. 

I can see it now, Kendra will come visit; which is great because we are both, well…we share the same style. We are who we are and we both own it. Neither of us are prissy, we don’t fit with the “fashionable” crowd, although, we both have fashion. Yes, I see it very clearly, the burping contests, … on second thought, that probably wasn’t the best image to leave you with. So, before I put my foot in my mouth again, I’ll shut up.

So, you just tell me what’s it gonna take? Name your price; I’m there!

Until next time……Peace


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