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{November 1, 2013}   I’ve Always Wanted To Say . . .

November 1, 2013

I’ve Always Wanted To Say . . .

Hi everyone, welcome to my world.

Several months back a friend of mine made a comment via a twitter conversation. It went something like this :

Her : “. . . remind me to watch Family Jewels next week, it looks good.”

Me : “Yea, I hope they don’t split up.”

Her : “Well, you cant have your cake and eat it too. Dude, I’ve always wanted to say that! And the one about the cow and the milk.”

For some reason, on that day, it was the funniest thing I had heard in a long time. I knew I had to do this blog. It’s not a “bucket list” it’s more of a “Cliché list”. So, here is my list of some cliques I’ve always wanted to say; at just the right time.

5) It was just gonna lay there . . .

“What? I hit the deer with my truck and got it off the road purdy (yes, purdy) soon after.I didn’t mean to hit it and it was just gonna lay there anyways. DINNER!”

4) A guilty dog . . .

“You know he’s full of shit; a guilty dog barks the loudest!”

3) He’s nuttier . . .

“He’s nuttier than a squirrel’s turd.” (yea, not the best one)

2) Lock . . .

“Lock and Load” (this is of course when carrying an semi automatic rifle.Somehow though, when I say it, I actually hear the voice of David Keith when he said it in U571)

1) Ain’t takin my . . .

“Dumbass (I toned that down for the innocent of hearts) you aint taking my mutha’ fuk’n ass to jail! (only. . . you know, to a cop).

Now, you know this is all said if fun. Personally, I wouldn’t eat a deer; perfectly good road kill or not. And I simply can’t even say the words “nuttier” and “turd” in the same sentence (I’m just too immature not to laugh my ass off at that. Last but not least, when I see a cop, I can only seem to say “yes sir/maam, no sir/maam”.

For years, well his whole life really, my grandfather would answer the telephone the same exact way. Every single time. As a child, it was irritating. As an adult, it was funny. Now, it’s just simply missed. I miss hearing him answer his phone: “It’s your nickel.” (I don’t think he got the whole inflation thing!)

Until next time . . . PEACE


{December 8, 2010}   Worse Off Than I Thought




Good afternoon! I finally made it! Still no computer, however, I have a loaner for the time being, so we are good for a few days.

So, I was thinking. I really do think I’m a little “off”. Let me explain. I watch shows like Forensic files, Cold Case Files, Vanishings, Disappeared, Bones . . . are you seeing a pattern? Now, I love the science of forensics. I am studying to be a Forensic Scientist, so my love for this genre of TV shows, are not really out of the ordinary. What is out of the norm is, well, I also love watching shows like A Haunting and Ghost Stories. I have to watch the show, and sometimes after, go look up the houses on the Internet . . . just so I can learn more about the trauma that happened years ago and is now “haunting” this place. I’m talking specifics. I guess that is part of the science nerd in me. I so warned you! Dork, nerd, jock, Freak, one of a kind! 



 Yea, the 2 pictures above represent who I was and still am.

Now, here is were the “freak” part of me shines.

My new obsession is with a home in New Orleans, LA. I saw the story on Ghost Story. Supposedly, in the mid 1800’s “The Sultan” as he was known in New Orleans, moved into this house along with his servants, harem and eunuchs. For six months, they partied day and night nonstop.

“The Sultan” was particularly fond of torturing his guests. He loved to see torture and loved to apply torture on his party guests until the torture resulted in death. To put it mildly, he was a freak. One day, approximately six months after moving in, a woman passing the house noticed how quite it house was. This was in contrast to the normal all day/all night parties. As she looked up the stairs leading into the house, blood was dripping down the stairs.

Police were summoned to investigate. Turns out, they found the house was full of the dismembered bodies of The Sultan’s servants, harem and eunuchs. Limbs were scattered about, so many limbs that it was not possible to tell how many people had been murdered. However, what they didn’t find is The Sultan. Where was he? Did he take his love of torture too far and go on a deadly spree, hacking everyone in the house?

As the investigator continued throughout the house into the back yard, it became apparent that something more horrendous was a foot. Sticking straight out of a shallowly dug grave, was a hand, reaching out to grasp at whatever life he could. The Sultan had been buried alive. Hmmm.

What I truly wonder, is how I can go from watching Forensic Files to watching “The Sultan”, move on to The Big Bang Theory and end by watching “Billy the Exterminator”. Truly weird. I guess that just means I am a well rounded person. At least, I believe that’s what my awesome Rock Star Reality show family would say. Gene Simmons . . . yes, I think he would call me “well rounded”. I think he truly understands me.

However, Mama C, as I like to call her because of the compassion she and everyone on “Dog the Bounty Hunter” shows each and every capture, may think I am just a little . . . no, I think she would call me well rounded as well. In my mind, she does.




Now, please excuse me as I have to go. I need to check out the story behind the Villisca Axe Murders of 1912, another unsolved case. The house is shown below. Pretty spooky, huh?



Hopefully, I haven’t yet warped my 2 year old nieces mind. What do you think?



Until next time . . . PEACE


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