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{June 20, 2011}   My Dog Is The Best Dog Ever

Hi all! Welcome.

As the title of this blog states, my dog, Ryoki, is the best and greatest dog EVER! Actually, she’s more of my dad’s dog.But I claim her as mine now.

And I’m going to tell you why. I think you’ll agree she is really something special.


The other night, I was going through some of my boxes. I moved into an add-on at my parents home last year to try to get back on my feet and get some other things in order. The longer I stay here, the more I think about what’s in those boxes and how tired I am of the items. So, every now and then, I’ll go through them and give some things away. I just gave all my plates to my niece. I picked out some pots for her and some silver wear for my mom along with just taking some
of my baking items out for use. (By the way mom, the baking items are still mine).
. . . but you can use. I love to bake.

 Anyway, I was taking some things inside the house. As usual, I had overloaded my arms and had no possible way to open the screen door. My mom’s screen door handle is broken, so it doesn’t “catch”. This is great for Ryoki because when she has to go out, she pushes the screen door ever so slightly and goes out. She hasn’t mastered knocking the door hard enough for it to bounce open wide enough so she can stick her head in to get back in . . . but she does knock when she wants back in.

Now, in the past, I have mentioned how she is the “favored sister”. And in truth, she really is. But I don’t mind, especially after what she did the other night.

There I stood outside the door, my arms so full I couldn’t even use my elbow to nudge the screen door open, saying “Someone please get the door”. I was nice at first. After all, there were six
people in the house; my three kids, their dad and both my parents, just feet away from the door. No one came to my assistance. However, I did see Ryoki standing inside the door. Again, and a little louder, I said “Can someone get the door???” Apparently, they were too busy to be bothered. Again, I see pretty little Miss Ryoki standing by the screen door. But wait, she was coming my way. Gently, she edged the door open and backed up. Dang dog. Was she teasing me? She already poops right outside my door (my door leads directly outside; she doesn’t poop in the
house). Great. Now, she’s found a new way to diss me. Which, I let her know I didn’t appreciate.

She then pushed the screen door open a little farther. Holy cow, I thought. Was she trying to open the door for me? I didn’t catch the open part quickly enough with my shoulder. So, testing the waters, I said “One more time Ryoki, I couldn’t get that one.” All the while five people were standing in the dining room; only a few feet into the house.

And, I’ll be damned. Ryoki not only opens the door, she opens it a bit wider and holds it until I catch it with my shoulder! I couldn’t believe it! I figured she was going to come outside and
that was her ultimate reason for opening the door. Yet as I nudged the screen door open, and took the one step up that led me into the house, she backs up, looks up at me wagging her tail and I swear people, she was smiling! She knew exactly what she was doing! Very impressive Ryoki!

I went around to every person in the house and bragged on her, considering they were content to ignore my pleas for someone to open the door, I felt I was justified.

As I relayed the story to my mom asked me “did she go on outside?” I proudly informed her, “No, she simply opened the door for me. Once she saw I had the door and was coming in, she backed up for me.”

How freakin’ genius is my dog?! And I thought she didn’t even like me, considering you know, the pooping outside my door and all. I think I can truly say she is my sister now with pride . . . after all, she still is a dog.

next time . . .


{December 22, 2010}   A.J.’s Rules Part 2

 GIBBS' RULES — T-Shirt Design — Click To Enlarge


Hi everyone! Welcome back!

On October 25, 2010, I explained to you about “Gibb’s Rules” and introduced “A.J.’s Rules”. At the time, I listed eleven rules I try to live by each day. Go ahead, take a moment to go back and review them. 

Back? Great, let’s jump right in then. I am just going to give you a few rules, and as they pop into my head . . .what’s that? Yes, I know the things that pop into my head and I put on paper are sometimes, way off weird, can you just love that I’m unique and not be so scared of what goes through my head? I promise I won’t let the craziness actually hurt you.

Anyway, back to my rules. Rule #12 if you want me to sign something, or fill out papers, don’t wait until the morning said papers are due . . . because, they will not get filled out. Rule #20, the time limits I set for being on the computer, apply for each and every day. Don’t tell me you get an extra hour today because you didn’t get on the computer yesterday. At midnight, the clock resets buddy. Rule #29, if you see my TV is set to TiVo a show and you stop it from recording because SpongeBob, Percy Jackson, or any of the kind is on, we will have a huge problem.

Wow, can you tell my children are on Christmas break? Before I make a rule of, “no watching TV of any kind” I should stop with the rules for the night. I mean, I don’t want to be unreasonable or anything. However, can I just say, Rule #31 buy one pattern of gift wrapping paper for all the gifts. Because, if your gift is out of the print scheme (all the same kind), it won’t go under my tree, just saying.

   And remember. . .

“A slap to the face – is an insult; to the back of the head-a wakeup call” Gibbs



Hummm….I wonder if I could get a way with that last one. Definitely, have to consider making that an official rule.

Until next time……Peace


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