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{November 1, 2013}   I’ve Always Wanted To Say . . .

November 1, 2013

I’ve Always Wanted To Say . . .

Hi everyone, welcome to my world.

Several months back a friend of mine made a comment via a twitter conversation. It went something like this :

Her : “. . . remind me to watch Family Jewels next week, it looks good.”

Me : “Yea, I hope they don’t split up.”

Her : “Well, you cant have your cake and eat it too. Dude, I’ve always wanted to say that! And the one about the cow and the milk.”

For some reason, on that day, it was the funniest thing I had heard in a long time. I knew I had to do this blog. It’s not a “bucket list” it’s more of a “Cliché list”. So, here is my list of some cliques I’ve always wanted to say; at just the right time.

5) It was just gonna lay there . . .

“What? I hit the deer with my truck and got it off the road purdy (yes, purdy) soon after.I didn’t mean to hit it and it was just gonna lay there anyways. DINNER!”

4) A guilty dog . . .

“You know he’s full of shit; a guilty dog barks the loudest!”

3) He’s nuttier . . .

“He’s nuttier than a squirrel’s turd.” (yea, not the best one)

2) Lock . . .

“Lock and Load” (this is of course when carrying an semi automatic rifle.Somehow though, when I say it, I actually hear the voice of David Keith when he said it in U571)

1) Ain’t takin my . . .

“Dumbass (I toned that down for the innocent of hearts) you aint taking my mutha’ fuk’n ass to jail! (only. . . you know, to a cop).

Now, you know this is all said if fun. Personally, I wouldn’t eat a deer; perfectly good road kill or not. And I simply can’t even say the words “nuttier” and “turd” in the same sentence (I’m just too immature not to laugh my ass off at that. Last but not least, when I see a cop, I can only seem to say “yes sir/maam, no sir/maam”.

For years, well his whole life really, my grandfather would answer the telephone the same exact way. Every single time. As a child, it was irritating. As an adult, it was funny. Now, it’s just simply missed. I miss hearing him answer his phone: “It’s your nickel.” (I don’t think he got the whole inflation thing!)

Until next time . . . PEACE


{July 8, 2011}   Swingin’ By

I am not a very emotional person. By emotional, I mean the “lovey-dovey, strawberries and cream” kind of emotion, although I do have my moments. Yet, sometimes I am faced with words I must put to paper. Almost as if the words are slapping me saying “I will win, so you might as well get up and write this story so you can get some sleep.” Yea, sounds like tons of fun, doesn’t it?

So here goes. I literately dreamed this poem. Although, in the dream it was a song, I was surrounded by cowboys that looked like Brett Michaels and Vince Neil . . . (yes,Marina. . . I know, the hair), all on horseback, doing a reality TV show about “real cowboys”. Seriously. And let me tell you, if you think having a song stuck in your head is bad, try having a song that doesn’t exist stuck in your head. Now that, my friends, is a pain in the ass.                                  

Now that I have left you with the image of Motley Crue’s lead singer on horseback, did I mention the cowboy hats? OH, and “Cowboy Troy” was there as well . . . the only black cowboy I know. Here is the result of my mind’s never ending imagination. It doesn’t always make sense, but at least there are hot guys, huh?


                                                         A friend comes when called.

                                                 A better friend calls to see how you are.

                                       But the greatest of friends, aww . . the greatest of friends

                                                       Swing by – just in case.


Thank you all for swingin’ by.

Until Next Time . . . PEACE


{December 13, 2010}   What you’ve Been Waiting For

Hello everyone! Welcome to a very special blog! If it weren’t this exciting, I would not be up at 4:30 AM getting this blog ready for you!

I can’t promise it will be a long blog; however, it will be eye opening!

So, I’ve promised you two exciting revelations, haven’t I? Where to start? I could just ramble on for awhile. Or, I could tell you an amazing yet completely unrelated story. I could just leave you with an inspiring quote, as I have done before. Yea, I think I’ll go with the quote.

“Imagination means nothing without doing” Charlie Chaplin.

There you go; an amazing quote. I’ve done my duty. What’s that? Was that a curse word I felt spewing from your mouth? Well, that’s not nice.

I guess I’ll just have to get on with it, huh? My pleasure!

I did not choose the above quote by accident. Without the meaning of that one quote, neither of my announcements may not have happened.

First, let me end your suffering. My last blog mentioned how I went back and located some of our ancestors and found an amazing author that literally changed her world, 1852, and went on to sell over ½ million copies by 1857. We still read this book today as a lesson from the past; the book is still being re-released to this day. It is required reading for most of the schools in the United States, even today.

Any ideas? Harriet Beecher Stowe! That’s correct I am related to the author of “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”. Can you get much cooler than that? Now, the lines are so extensive I won’t even try to explain how many “greats” she is to me, but there are a lot of great-great-greats, I will tell you that!

Now, for my other BIG news!! The much anticipated, well….by me anyway, launch of my personal website is TODAY!!!

So, go check it out, see what you for yourself. I mean, I think it’s the most brilliant website there is…..well, besides Tom Cruise’s. His is hard to beat!  go on, see what you think! And be sure to email me or tweet me to let me know! More will be added within the next few days. There are so many things I want to accomplish! My new website will allow me to make a huge difference and, hopefully, give you some laughs, support, or whatever it is you seek.

E-books, short stories, articles, books and of course my blog are on the list of things I will be working on. I look forward to taking this next huge step and am so glad you will be right there with me!

On the website, there is already a link to my blog, so you will be access the blog through the website itself.

It’s now 5 am, and I am exhausted! So, enjoy my news and please share the enjoyment I feel right now just knowing I have so many wonderful friends that keep me writing!

Until next time……Peace


{November 29, 2010}   Wise Words

Good afternoon everyone! Sorry for the late post today. I have been trying to decide why this particular post comes with the nagging feeling that I should only post this quote by Judy Garland. It’s all that my mind seems to focus on when I turn to post today.

So, I am letting my gut lead me. Someone out there needs to hear this otherwise it wouldn’t be bothering me so much. And I saw that respectfully. This is my favorite quote of all time.

     “Well, we have a whole new year ahead of us. And wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all be a little more gentle with each other, and a little more loving, have a little more empathy and maybe – next year at this time – we’d like each other a little more. “                     Judy Garland

I hope you find comfort in Ms. Garland’s words, said so long ago. I try to remember her words each and every day I speak to you all. Well, there is that Seagal blog..

Until next time……Peace


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