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{December 22, 2010}   A.J.’s Rules Part 2

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Hi everyone! Welcome back!

On October 25, 2010, I explained to you about “Gibb’s Rules” and introduced “A.J.’s Rules”. At the time, I listed eleven rules I try to live by each day. Go ahead, take a moment to go back and review them. 

Back? Great, let’s jump right in then. I am just going to give you a few rules, and as they pop into my head . . .what’s that? Yes, I know the things that pop into my head and I put on paper are sometimes, way off weird, can you just love that I’m unique and not be so scared of what goes through my head? I promise I won’t let the craziness actually hurt you.

Anyway, back to my rules. Rule #12 if you want me to sign something, or fill out papers, don’t wait until the morning said papers are due . . . because, they will not get filled out. Rule #20, the time limits I set for being on the computer, apply for each and every day. Don’t tell me you get an extra hour today because you didn’t get on the computer yesterday. At midnight, the clock resets buddy. Rule #29, if you see my TV is set to TiVo a show and you stop it from recording because SpongeBob, Percy Jackson, or any of the kind is on, we will have a huge problem.

Wow, can you tell my children are on Christmas break? Before I make a rule of, “no watching TV of any kind” I should stop with the rules for the night. I mean, I don’t want to be unreasonable or anything. However, can I just say, Rule #31 buy one pattern of gift wrapping paper for all the gifts. Because, if your gift is out of the print scheme (all the same kind), it won’t go under my tree, just saying.

   And remember. . .

“A slap to the face – is an insult; to the back of the head-a wakeup call” Gibbs



Hummm….I wonder if I could get a way with that last one. Definitely, have to consider making that an official rule.

Until next time……Peace



Hello Everyone. Welcome!

I am sure, if you are a regular reader of my blog, that you knew this blog was due. You probably have wondered whether or not, this is would be the holiday I would not blog about feeling that ping of guilt at having to “share” my children. Well, I’m sad to say, this is not that holiday!

As Christmas is creeping up on us, I am doing basically the same things I have done each and every year. Buying gifts, wrapping both mine and my mother’s gifts for the children as well as anyone else she may have bought a gift for. I have wrapped the gifts for my mom since I was about thirteen years old, including my own. That’s the “thing” I do every year with my mom. Dad, I’m sorry to have to break that bit of information to you this way.

My dad, well, that’s where I get my love for cheesy Christmas movies. Each year, I have to watch all the same Christmas movies the Hallmark Channel and Lifetime Channel continue to show. That is the one thing my dad and I have shared ever since I can remember. It is also the one thing that we love to drive the rest of the house nuts with! And yes, we do watch “It’s A Wonderful Life” each Christmas Eve and end our merriment by watching “A Christmas Story”. How can you not watch “A Christmas Story” when it’s played for a full 24 hours every Christmas Day?

I continue to do all these things and I continue to enjoy them. Yet, this is the third year in which I have had to spend part of the holiday without my children. It’s as if a part of me, has . . . vanished, during the time they are not here celebrating with me, and I just feel as if I’m always a finger tip short of grasping what I am missing. Does that make sense?

Yes, I know divorce happens to many people. Yes, I know people learn to deal with split custody. And yes, I know people do not have children anticipating that, one day, splitting holidays will become normal. I also know, even though my ex takes the children to his mom’s for their Christmas celebration, even though I include him in our Christmas Day celebration every year so that the kids will have us both, one day, this to shall end. One day, this little bit of “family semi-normalcy” we share on Christmas morning will come to an end.

Until that time, I will take comfort in the words spoken by a man I have come to truly admire and strive to take his words to heart.


“All major religious traditions carry basically the same message,

that is love, compassion and forgiveness the important thing is

they should be part of our daily lives.”         Dalai Lama


Until next time……Peace


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