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{January 18, 2011}   Really Smart People
Good morning!
Do you know anyone who is extremely smart? The same ones who feel they are much smarter than what they actually are? You know the ones; they talk with really big words and use terminology that sometimes leaves you nodding your head in agreement yet not really understanding what they are talking about? Well, I like to think of myself, as a well rounded person. Somewhere short of really smart yet a bit more than average. Reading dictionaries and encyclopedias as early as age 9 will tend to help a child to learn quickly, even if only trivial information. As a matter of fact, reading the encyclopedia is how I first learned of the tragedy of the Titanic, twenty years before it became a movie idea in Cameron’s mind. Don’t asked me how I could go from playing football with the guys and basketball and then go read out of these books. It just felt normal to me.
Sometimes, I kind of get a little confused though. I enjoy watching movies that you have to concentrate as to not miss anything, because every shot contains bits and pieces that are necessary for you to figure out the ending. I love when a movie catches me by surprise. To give you an example, the move called “The Others.” I did not put all the pieces together until right before the very end.
I love watching shows such as Forensics, Cold Cases, really, any type of shows involving a mystery. That is why I love history so much. I like to look back on incidents, like Flight 19, the workings of Hitler’s mind – how he could do all he did – and the same with Joseph Stalin. The Martha Moxley Murder was a main interest of mine since I was about ten years old when I first heard of it. There are so many mysteries I want to know the answer to. One being; who was Carly Simon singing about in “Your So Vein?” I mean, I’m 99% sure I know who it is, but I’d like to know for certain. So, you see, my levels of interests are so widely ranged. I may not be a genus, however, I am far from stupid.
So, what is leading to my occasional confusion? Well, I love all the shows above but, a new show has caught my attention and for all that is holy, I can not stop watching it! It’s just plain weird! Yet, when I see “Billy the Exterminator” on, I have to watch it! I hate roaches. I hate rats (a mouse is a rat, is a mouse, is a rat). Yet, I continuously, tune in to watch Billy and Ricky suck up roaches with the vacuum, set their mouse traps, and later, come collect them. Now I ask you, does that sound like the type of show you think I’d like? I find I ask myself, “Really? You are enjoying this show?” Yet I know, the next time I see Billy with his spiked hair, I’ll stop to watch him suck up all those nasty roaches, catch those nasty rats . . . which reminds me, did you guys see the Hoarders show when it had this guy who kept all the rats as pets? He had thousands, literately! Hummm, maybe if Billy went there . . . yea, that would definitely be a show worth watching!


Until next time……Peace

{December 30, 2010}   I Kissed a 300lb Clown

Hello everyone, welcome back!

You may be wondering what exactly I meant by the title of this blog. Surely, I really did not kiss a 300lb clown, right? That’s just plain ridiculous! You may be more inclined to believe the title if it were something like “I Kissed A Girl” or “I Kissed The Bartender”. Am I right? Would the thought of me kissing a girl or the bartender be more comforting for you? Well, I assure you, I wish I could have titled this blog either of those titles other than the one I forced to acknowledge.

Yes, I shamefully admit, I kissed a 300lb clown. Not just a 300lb clown but a “disgruntled 300lb clown”. Sigh. Give me a chance to explain, if this sort of thing can ever be explained away.



When I began this blog, I wrote how I wanted to help others that were going through some of the same issues, feelings and disappointments I had recently experienced. I wanted to show those same people, no matter how they felt now, no matter how hopeless things seemed, they were not in this alone. I wanted to show, it is possible to find the lost person inside of you; it was only a matter of whether or not you wanted to begin the journey that would lead you down this path.

During all this, I made a promise. I would always be honest, with myself and my readers. As painful and embarrassing as it is sometimes, I have done my best to be completely honest. I will not post, unless I can be honest. So, yes, I kissed a 300lb clown. If I keep saying that, maybe it won’t seem so weird. It’s not working for me so far.

Here’s the situation. After my ex left, several months after, I went to Macon, GA where my best friend lives. She and I went to the Comedy Club which is right next to a very popular club called Whiskey River. Due to where my life was at the time, and my feelings of hurt, betrayal and my short comings, I would drink quite a bit. My kids were never with me when I drank, but I drank all the same.

After drinking for hours, we were set to leave, quite buzzed. We were standing outside speaking with a nice guy but trying to shake him. The clown and his opening comedy act (the Clown is actually really popular and has a great career) were both standing out on the balcony and sent their security guard down to us to ask if we were ok and ask would we have a moment to speak with them.

Pretty cool, huh? This had never happened to me before. Still buzzed, we followed him to the balcony. Now, things are a little fuzzy here. I personally believe it’s the denial that immediately kicked in after the buzz wore off a few hours later. However, John (the clown) somehow got my number. People, we are talking a very successful comedy act here. He even had a yacht in South Beach. I guess that is why, at that particular time, I said “why not” and let him. . . hold on a sec . . . got to take a few deep breaths. Ok, the kiss happened. Ewww…


So, that is how my night of feeling less than the person I now, know I am, mixed with a good buzz led me to kiss “The Disgruntled Clown”. It took me a lot longer, however, to live down the actual fact that I really let this happen. Needless to say, my best friend loved this night!

Word of advice, don’t get buzzed around clowns. I’m just saying.


I have to go take something that will wipe this memory from my mind. Damn being honest with you people!

Until next time……Peace


{December 23, 2010}   Team Dog

I originally posted this blog in December 2010. I am reposting without changing a single word (yes, I see I have some grammar errors in there.. and yes I realize they no longer have Ozzy as their theme some and YES it’s aggravating me…let it go AJ… ) In HONOR of “Team Dog” I am reposting this….

Hello Every one, welcome back.

What do you think when I say the words bounty hunter? Let me rephrase that, take “Team Dog” out of your mind completely. Now, what do you think of when I say the words bounty hunter? A big burly fat guy wearing a white tee shirt, you know, one of the “wife beater” tees? Do you picture a tall muscular guy? Do they both have a smart ass mouth and a bad attitude that radiates “I’m better, stronger and tougher than you, and I can do whatever I want to get you?” Sort of like the pictures below:



Well, that’s what I thought. We had an incident in Jacksonville, Florida several years ago when a bounty hunter went after a suspect. What happened was horrible. Apparently, the bounty hunter either did not check the address, read it incorrectly or just really messed up. The point is, this man, a huge scary man with a loaded gun, kicked in the home of a family with small children. Needless to say, everyone in the house was terrified. As they tried to answer his rude and shouted questions, he barely seemed to listen. All I could think of was, “this is a bounty hunter?” I was watching it unfold and I was scared even though it was on TV.

It would not have been as traumatic had the bounty hunter not mistakenly raided a house that was no where near the home of his suspect and the home he hit, had never heard of this family.

Needless to say, this left a very bitter taste of the term bounty hunter, at least in my mind.

Then here comes this show on A&E featuring bounty hunters. Just wonderful, I thought. All I needed was to see a bunch of arrogant, selfish, jerks who thought they could do whatever they wanted because they held some form of authority and carried guns.

Of course, my dad had to watch the first show. When the music started, my ears perked up; Ozzy? Well, that’s cool, but doesn’t change the fact that he’s a jerk. He was a bounty hunter, after all. They are all jerks, right? However, I continued to watch the show with my dad. Holy cow, there’s a woman on this show! And, well, she has bigger boobs than Dolly’s, but why was she wearing heals? Was she seriously going to go out on a bounty? She’d break her neck in those heels! But, hey, she’s probably a jerk too, so what do I care? Wait, were her nails really that long? HA! It’s going to be funny when she (you know, her being a jerk and all) breaks one of those nails to the hilt! Yes, I realize this was very wrong of me to think and to judge. I’ve learned a lot since then. But I was waiting for these two people get there due. I mean, they were bounty hunters; they were jerks, right?

So, as that first show continues, dude with long dark hair in a braid walks in. Even better, I thought. Not only do we have these two, now they throw this one on us! Yes, definitely, he was a cocky young guy with tattoos all down his arms. Damn. I was irritated that the tattoos got to me. See, I kind of like the bad boys, so tattoos and cocky, I had to check myself. Mentally, I reminded my self, “he’s a jerk” all bounty hunters were. Then he opened his mouth. Oh, Lord, I was in some kind of trouble. He’s cocky, he has awesome tattoos, he’s funny . . . I am doomed with this one. So what if he is a jerk, I’ll let him pass, but only a little.

At the time, I believe it was only the three of them: Dog, Beth and Leland Chapman on the team. But in my defense, I sort of had trouble focusing after I had realized Leland possessed every one of the attractions that I fall for, and was trying to avoid. Who am I kidding, you? Yea, I didn’t think so.

To get on with it, they gear up, no guns? The stalk their prey, they capture the fugitive. Yes! Wait, damn, they have already intrigued me. But my complete 180˚ turn followed right after the capture. Before putting the guy in their car, Beth is….offering….him….food, and on her dime? What the heck? Oh, no! Dude, don’t eat it, they had to have put some thing in it!! They are bounty hunters! Yet the man ate and seemed no worse for the wear. Dog then offers a cigarette before they take him in. Something isn’t right with these people. They are talking to this fugitive, the same one that ran on their bond. I didn’t saying yelling, but talking to him about his future. Specifically, that this is the time he can change his life. I can’t even begin to explain the compassion each member of Team Dog was showing this fugitive, even though the team had to go hunt him down. This had to be a fluke. Or maybe Team Dog was just making good or the camera’s, it was their first show.

I set out to watch some footage of other bounty hunters. Mainly because the compassion Team Dog had shown this man, and how Dog talked to him brother to brother about changing his life. Well, let’s be a little more honest. I wanted to be able to watch Leland (I love that name) without feeling as if I were betraying the Jacksonville family.

Here’s basically here’s what my search led me to:



 1)      An overzealous “I have no neck” bully.



  2)     The old tough guy that doesn’t realize he lost “tough” a long time ago.



 3)     The guy who thinks he so smooth, he can talk his way into anywhere.


 4) And the guy that should have just gave up long ago.


 I didn’t understand how these people could do the same job so differently. I just knew there was something about the Chapman’s. I knew they were the real thing. I felt it each and every time after a capture, their compassion and their will to try to help these lost people. What’s that? Ok, jeez, most of it was being able to watch Leland, trying to play it cool here people!

 It is impossible to separate Team Dog from the Chapman family. They are one in the same. The love between not just Beth and Duane (sorry…Dog) but the love that Duane has for his kids and the love Beth has for her kids as well as Dog’s, well, I might was well say “their kids” because it is so clear that she loves those kids as her own. And it says a lot that they feel the same about her. How do I know this? Although Beth can hold her own, you do not mess with her. If you do, you’ll find yourself on the wrong end Leland’s fist. And that’s only because he can out run all the other boys and he’s the one that gets to her the quickest.

 This is truly the way all bounty hunters should conduct their business, not to mention families in general. Although, I still don’t know how Beth can run in those heels and normally the nails stay in tact. I have always thought Beth pretty, but when I saw the love toward her family and the compassion toward the captured, she turned absolutely beautiful.

 Long live Team Dog!


Until next time……Peace


{December 9, 2010}   In My Blood

Hello everyone! Welcome to my world! Buckle up, keep your hands and feet on the keyboard at all times, it’s always a crazy ride!

I’ve always said writing was in my blood because it came so easily to me. Now, that is just an expression, right? Well, maybe not.

Last year, my daughter had to find out some information on our ancestors. I could only go back to my grandparents on my father’s side and my great granny on my mom’s side. I can remember her so clearly because she was a mean lady from Georgia, and she had a really mean German Sheppard that I was terrified of. Oh, and I remember her chewing up some tobacco so she could put on my bee sting to take the “sting” out of it. That’s it. That is the memory of my mother’s grandmother. Now, it must be said, as remember her as mean (I was a small child at the time). My mother remembers her fondly. My mom was one of five girls, the oldest and her granny’s favorite.

Since I was so interested in history, I thought “I should look this up, see what I can find out. Every family has a story right?” However, I did have finals at the time. I was taking four college classes. But what the hay, this was family.

So, I set out on my search for whatever I could find out about my family that came before me. After quizzing my mom, my dad, my aunts and some cousins that I didn’t even know I had, I set out on to see what I could find. What I found was truly amazing, intriguing, and left me with a hunger to know more.

I’ll break it down for you and try to keep from going on and on about so many cool things and even some incidents surrounding in mystery. I will deal with each one at a later day in a short story to be posted on my website.

Throughout my search, I found: the first Oviatt (my dad’s side) to come to America and later became one of the 44 founding families of Hartford, CT. two Revolutionary soldiers, two Civil War heroes – one on each side; the Union Medal of Honor recipient would later became an author. But that’s not all. I also found: a murderer, one unsolved disappearance (not related to the murderer), a horrendous fire that claimed one life, a very famous author that would later become a vital part of our lives today, and a mystery so tightly kept, that I still don’t know what it is!

Wow, all these people were a part of my family. I never knew any of this. I couldn’t believe I had waited so long to do this research. What happened to my dad’s uncle that just disappeared off the face of the earth? What happened in South Carolina that made my dad’s grandfather to leave for Georgia? Why would he tell his second wife (hmmm, 2nd?) when she asked why he left South Carolina so suddenly respond “It’s none of your business, do not ask me again”? It appears the secret was buried with him. However, I continue to search.

Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty you’ve been waiting on. Who is the very famous author that I spoke of earlier? What did she write that changed our world forever? How is she related to me? This author has become a mainstay in the required readings of most middle and/or high school English classes?

Well, I’m going to tell you. On the day my website is launched Monday December 9, 2010! Sorry to be so mean, I really do not mean to be, but I want to launch the website with an amazing story and it doesn’t get better than this.

Here are some hints for those of you who may want to try to figure it out:

            1. I am related via my father’s side, Oviatt.

            2. Her writings changed life as she knew it then, and it changed the future.

So, you have two hints. I can’t give you more without being so open. However, what I can say, is I now believe they may be something to this whole “writing in my blood” thing after all.

I am so psyched to share this information with you on launch day Monday!!!

Until next time . . . PEACE


{December 8, 2010}   Worse Off Than I Thought




Good afternoon! I finally made it! Still no computer, however, I have a loaner for the time being, so we are good for a few days.

So, I was thinking. I really do think I’m a little “off”. Let me explain. I watch shows like Forensic files, Cold Case Files, Vanishings, Disappeared, Bones . . . are you seeing a pattern? Now, I love the science of forensics. I am studying to be a Forensic Scientist, so my love for this genre of TV shows, are not really out of the ordinary. What is out of the norm is, well, I also love watching shows like A Haunting and Ghost Stories. I have to watch the show, and sometimes after, go look up the houses on the Internet . . . just so I can learn more about the trauma that happened years ago and is now “haunting” this place. I’m talking specifics. I guess that is part of the science nerd in me. I so warned you! Dork, nerd, jock, Freak, one of a kind! 



 Yea, the 2 pictures above represent who I was and still am.

Now, here is were the “freak” part of me shines.

My new obsession is with a home in New Orleans, LA. I saw the story on Ghost Story. Supposedly, in the mid 1800’s “The Sultan” as he was known in New Orleans, moved into this house along with his servants, harem and eunuchs. For six months, they partied day and night nonstop.

“The Sultan” was particularly fond of torturing his guests. He loved to see torture and loved to apply torture on his party guests until the torture resulted in death. To put it mildly, he was a freak. One day, approximately six months after moving in, a woman passing the house noticed how quite it house was. This was in contrast to the normal all day/all night parties. As she looked up the stairs leading into the house, blood was dripping down the stairs.

Police were summoned to investigate. Turns out, they found the house was full of the dismembered bodies of The Sultan’s servants, harem and eunuchs. Limbs were scattered about, so many limbs that it was not possible to tell how many people had been murdered. However, what they didn’t find is The Sultan. Where was he? Did he take his love of torture too far and go on a deadly spree, hacking everyone in the house?

As the investigator continued throughout the house into the back yard, it became apparent that something more horrendous was a foot. Sticking straight out of a shallowly dug grave, was a hand, reaching out to grasp at whatever life he could. The Sultan had been buried alive. Hmmm.

What I truly wonder, is how I can go from watching Forensic Files to watching “The Sultan”, move on to The Big Bang Theory and end by watching “Billy the Exterminator”. Truly weird. I guess that just means I am a well rounded person. At least, I believe that’s what my awesome Rock Star Reality show family would say. Gene Simmons . . . yes, I think he would call me “well rounded”. I think he truly understands me.

However, Mama C, as I like to call her because of the compassion she and everyone on “Dog the Bounty Hunter” shows each and every capture, may think I am just a little . . . no, I think she would call me well rounded as well. In my mind, she does.




Now, please excuse me as I have to go. I need to check out the story behind the Villisca Axe Murders of 1912, another unsolved case. The house is shown below. Pretty spooky, huh?



Hopefully, I haven’t yet warped my 2 year old nieces mind. What do you think?



Until next time . . . PEACE


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