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{July 22, 2010}   The Unknown….

For this post, I would like to post a poem my daughter wrote a few years ago when she was 11 years old. Some of us have forgotten that we have soldiers still fighting for us. Somehow, it just seems appropriate.   




We crawl out, we dive in     

We get in between, then     

We cry, and we pitch a fit     

We’ve had enough of it.     


Bring us home     

We hate it here     

We’re not watchin’ de’ Jaguars     

We’re in real life     

Not in a dome     

Bring us home.     


We’re not a baseball team of 40     

Basketball 3 on 3     

We’re serious, just look at me     

Trying to make eye contact     

But we’re behind a tree.     


Some of us are lookin’ towards a degree     

Please, take us home     

It’s not cool     

In the Unknown.     

Until next time……Peace     


et cetera