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{January 18, 2011}   Really Smart People
Good morning!
Do you know anyone who is extremely smart? The same ones who feel they are much smarter than what they actually are? You know the ones; they talk with really big words and use terminology that sometimes leaves you nodding your head in agreement yet not really understanding what they are talking about? Well, I like to think of myself, as a well rounded person. Somewhere short of really smart yet a bit more than average. Reading dictionaries and encyclopedias as early as age 9 will tend to help a child to learn quickly, even if only trivial information. As a matter of fact, reading the encyclopedia is how I first learned of the tragedy of the Titanic, twenty years before it became a movie idea in Cameron’s mind. Don’t asked me how I could go from playing football with the guys and basketball and then go read out of these books. It just felt normal to me.
Sometimes, I kind of get a little confused though. I enjoy watching movies that you have to concentrate as to not miss anything, because every shot contains bits and pieces that are necessary for you to figure out the ending. I love when a movie catches me by surprise. To give you an example, the move called “The Others.” I did not put all the pieces together until right before the very end.
I love watching shows such as Forensics, Cold Cases, really, any type of shows involving a mystery. That is why I love history so much. I like to look back on incidents, like Flight 19, the workings of Hitler’s mind – how he could do all he did – and the same with Joseph Stalin. The Martha Moxley Murder was a main interest of mine since I was about ten years old when I first heard of it. There are so many mysteries I want to know the answer to. One being; who was Carly Simon singing about in “Your So Vein?” I mean, I’m 99% sure I know who it is, but I’d like to know for certain. So, you see, my levels of interests are so widely ranged. I may not be a genus, however, I am far from stupid.
So, what is leading to my occasional confusion? Well, I love all the shows above but, a new show has caught my attention and for all that is holy, I can not stop watching it! It’s just plain weird! Yet, when I see “Billy the Exterminator” on, I have to watch it! I hate roaches. I hate rats (a mouse is a rat, is a mouse, is a rat). Yet, I continuously, tune in to watch Billy and Ricky suck up roaches with the vacuum, set their mouse traps, and later, come collect them. Now I ask you, does that sound like the type of show you think I’d like? I find I ask myself, “Really? You are enjoying this show?” Yet I know, the next time I see Billy with his spiked hair, I’ll stop to watch him suck up all those nasty roaches, catch those nasty rats . . . which reminds me, did you guys see the Hoarders show when it had this guy who kept all the rats as pets? He had thousands, literately! Hummm, maybe if Billy went there . . . yea, that would definitely be a show worth watching!


Until next time……Peace

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