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{January 25, 2012}   AJ Blog Awards

January 25, 2012


Hi everyone. Welcome! Today is a very special day!! Well, maybe I exaggerate just a bit. However, I bet at least one of my chosen few will be happy. I bet your wondering what makes today so special. Why, it’s the A.J. Blog Awards! Well, technically, there is no such thing, but since I’m writing this blog, I have the liberty to make things up on the spot. As a matter of fact, I find myself doing that a lot.

I’ve wanted to do this blog for quite some time. The way I see it, we bloggers do not get the level of attention we deserve. But then again, maybe that’s just the narcissism talking again. My therapist warned me about this sort of thing! Anyway, I thought “why not give some of these talented bloggers a little recognition?” Yes, I actively speak to myself. Better still, I answer myself. And I’m quite the brainiac, at least that’s what I tell myself.

I know what you’re thinking. The AJ Blog Award is a much coveted award. I mean, it’s very prestigious; I’m bound to have a few hits put out on me from those that didn’t get one. Although, more likely, the contract hits will come from those I do mention. But hey, I’m nothing if not a risk taker! Let’s get this show on the road, shall we?

The first AJ Blog Award goes to (drum roll) :

5) The Can’t Stab Stupid People; Even When They Deserve It Award When I read Catherine’s blog “Be Still, My Teenage Heart” she had me with the first line. The following lines, well, I’ll just say she found a place deep in my heart. She tells it like it is. I don’t know if I’ve ever ran across anyone that gets as irritated as I do at the mention of Twilight.! We also share a love for the “Underworld” movies. You may not think this award is fair, but hey, I’ve wanted to stab a few people over this whole “Twilight” thing myself. She deserves this award simply for NOT giving into the “stabbing” urge. I think Catherine may be my long lost sister.

4) The Smart Ass Award To anyone who knows me, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that my personal favorite blogger, Marina, is due an award. After all, you wouldn’t be reading this if I hadn’t stumbled across her blog the very day it was listed under “Freshly Pressed” on WordPress. This was her first “Freshly Pressed” so I consider it fate bringing two crazy smart ass bloggers together. She is my inspiration. The only problem I have: what honor can I award her that is anywhere near what she deserves? While some may think this award is minimal, in my opinion it’s the very best award. There is nothing like having a good sense of humor and wacky outlook on life to make you want to get out of bed each morning. I think I nailed it. I don’t know if Marina is a Republican or not, but what I do know, and I know her fairly well, there is but one award to give her. And yes, that would be the Smart Ass Award. Some of you may think this will upset Marina. For those people; oh, ye of little faith! It only takes one look at her blog for you to love and appreciate her wackiness and well, shall I’ll say “frankness”. You may not always agree with her view, but you always walk away with a new perspective, a bunch of laughs and great appreciation for her unique humor. However, be forewarned, you may be left with the urge to “chest bump” a rude worker or two (that’s especially for you Marina).

3) Crime Awareness Award As a Forensic Science major, I simply could not leave this next blog out. I have been forever intrigued by the forensics of crimes. However, my true passion lies with the cold cases and unsolved murders. Lisa has a wide range of information on her blog for the enthusiast as well as news concerning new crimes. She takes the ugly part of crime, which unfortunately has become part of our everyday lives, and gives us the cold hard facts. And that . . . I can admire.

2) The Super Writer Jamee, aka Jamee the writer, is indeed a marvelous writer. However, she is so much more than just a writer. Jamee is a teacher, a motivator, friend and colleague to all fortunate enough to cross her path. She offers aspiring and experienced writers alike insight into what I like to call “the world of writing”. She is definitely my “go-to” girl. She is by far the most giving, selfless and compassionate person in this business. There are really no adequate words to express what a wonderful lady Jamee is, so I will just leave as simple as possible; The Super Writer Award.

1) The Ultimate Such simple words yet when applied to Chloe and her blog, The Ultimate is the only fitting description. With her words, Chloe opens herself up for all to know. She is strong, witty and smart but most of all Chloe is one of the most compassionate people I have had the good fortune to build a friendship with. She uses her experiences and her fight against cancer to reach out and touch others. Chloe shares her love of life and her ultimate strength . Simply put: cancer ain’t got nothing on Chloe. She will prevail!

Until next time . . . keep blogging! PEACE


{January 23, 2012}   Ode To Marina

January 23, 2011

Ode to Marina

Hi everyone, welcome! Weird title for a blog, huh? I mean, who the heck is Marina and why am I of all people writing an “ode” to her. I know how you think. Well, Marina is a good friend of mine. Duh, obviously, right? Seriously, please remember I am a blonde.

Well, I feel pretty bad. I made a promise to Marina and have yet to come through for her. See, I promised her a special blog post two days ago naming the first ever “A.J.’s  Blog Awards”. Little did I know how hard it would be to find the right words when trying to honor someone you respect, especially when your friends are involved. No, it’s not hard; it’s freakin’ hard!

And what can I say? I know Marina wakes up each and every day for the sole enjoyment of reading my blog. I mean, I know, she loves her kids. I know she loves her husband. And I know she loves to curse. REALLY loves to curse. But my blog, she completely suffers anxiety when I don’t post regularly.

So Marina, my dear friend, here is your daily blog. Completely in honor of you! Now, of course, you know I’m just having some laughs, Marina has many blogs she loves to read. As a matter of fact, it takes her complete work day just to get through them all! All that reading plus writing her own blog, it’s no wonder she wants her blogs ASAP.

You have to love a dedicated reader!!


PS. You’ll have your “Award Blog” tomorrow, I promise.

Check out Marina’s blog at :

Until next time . . . PEACE


{January 19, 2012}   Ten Things

December 27, 2013

Hey guys! Welcome! I originally posted this blog last January. Since I’ve gained many new reader’s recently, I thought I’d repost . . . Just to give you a little insight in to who “AJ” is. I hope you enjoy!!

January 18, 2012

Hello everyone. Welcome back!! As most of you know, last year I decided to take a bit of time off from blogging for personal reasons. One day, when it’s not so raw, I’ll write and tell you all about it. For now, it’s just good to be writing again. I hope you are as excited to read about my crazy life as I am to tell you about it!

I thought I would start by refreshing my readers as well as give some insight to my new readers into who I am, my writing style and more importantly, my odd, sometimes very weird, sense of humor.

So, here we go.

Ten Things You May Not Know About Me; But Should:

10. I am addicted to the TV show “Toddlers & Tiaras”. I’m not certain whether I am in awe

       of the girls or dumbfounded by the moms. Maybe both.

9.  I strive to be a peaceful person. I try to think before I speak. However, what you don’t know,

     is there is someone in my life that I secretly hate …. more and more. It’s a never-ending

     conflict within myself.

8.  I think Bill Goldberg is the epitome of a male role model. It’s very clear in his everyday

      public life he strives to be . . . better. I am proud to have my son look up to him.

Now for the fun part 🙂

7.  Sometimes, I make my kids watch the cartoons “Fairly Odd Parents” and “Dexter’s

     Laboratory” just so I can watch it without looking like a loser (yes, I know, that ship has

     sailed!). Who can turn down two faeries and a genius scientist? Not me!

6.  I can’t focus on anything unless my bed is made…forget the rest of the room…

5.  I cuddle with my cat. Not crazy enough? Ok, my cat and I sleep chest to chest with her paw

     touching the side of my check 🙂 isn’t that sweet? Or does that fall under mental?


4.  I speak German, a bit of Spanish and American Sign Language. With my sucky memory,

      it’s not an easy task!

3.  Stewie from “Family Guy” I find strangely hilarious. As you can tell, I am easily amused.

2.  I am a hippy at heart.

NOW for the big one…..

1. I have three tattoos! I know, I look so sweet and *cough, sorry I choked on that word…innocent (damn cough again!) but I have me a wild hair.

Hopefully, I have shared some good things with you so that you aren’t ill with me for being gone so long. Maybe if I tell you where my tattoo is?

Here’s one more for the road : I know a perversely amount of meaningless trivia!!

Until Next Time . . . PEACE


{July 8, 2011}   Swingin’ By

I am not a very emotional person. By emotional, I mean the “lovey-dovey, strawberries and cream” kind of emotion, although I do have my moments. Yet, sometimes I am faced with words I must put to paper. Almost as if the words are slapping me saying “I will win, so you might as well get up and write this story so you can get some sleep.” Yea, sounds like tons of fun, doesn’t it?

So here goes. I literately dreamed this poem. Although, in the dream it was a song, I was surrounded by cowboys that looked like Brett Michaels and Vince Neil . . . (yes,Marina. . . I know, the hair), all on horseback, doing a reality TV show about “real cowboys”. Seriously. And let me tell you, if you think having a song stuck in your head is bad, try having a song that doesn’t exist stuck in your head. Now that, my friends, is a pain in the ass.                                  

Now that I have left you with the image of Motley Crue’s lead singer on horseback, did I mention the cowboy hats? OH, and “Cowboy Troy” was there as well . . . the only black cowboy I know. Here is the result of my mind’s never ending imagination. It doesn’t always make sense, but at least there are hot guys, huh?


                                                         A friend comes when called.

                                                 A better friend calls to see how you are.

                                       But the greatest of friends, aww . . the greatest of friends

                                                       Swing by – just in case.


Thank you all for swingin’ by.

Until Next Time . . . PEACE


{June 20, 2011}   My Dog Is The Best Dog Ever

Hi all! Welcome.

As the title of this blog states, my dog, Ryoki, is the best and greatest dog EVER! Actually, she’s more of my dad’s dog.But I claim her as mine now.

And I’m going to tell you why. I think you’ll agree she is really something special.


The other night, I was going through some of my boxes. I moved into an add-on at my parents home last year to try to get back on my feet and get some other things in order. The longer I stay here, the more I think about what’s in those boxes and how tired I am of the items. So, every now and then, I’ll go through them and give some things away. I just gave all my plates to my niece. I picked out some pots for her and some silver wear for my mom along with just taking some
of my baking items out for use. (By the way mom, the baking items are still mine).
. . . but you can use. I love to bake.

 Anyway, I was taking some things inside the house. As usual, I had overloaded my arms and had no possible way to open the screen door. My mom’s screen door handle is broken, so it doesn’t “catch”. This is great for Ryoki because when she has to go out, she pushes the screen door ever so slightly and goes out. She hasn’t mastered knocking the door hard enough for it to bounce open wide enough so she can stick her head in to get back in . . . but she does knock when she wants back in.

Now, in the past, I have mentioned how she is the “favored sister”. And in truth, she really is. But I don’t mind, especially after what she did the other night.

There I stood outside the door, my arms so full I couldn’t even use my elbow to nudge the screen door open, saying “Someone please get the door”. I was nice at first. After all, there were six
people in the house; my three kids, their dad and both my parents, just feet away from the door. No one came to my assistance. However, I did see Ryoki standing inside the door. Again, and a little louder, I said “Can someone get the door???” Apparently, they were too busy to be bothered. Again, I see pretty little Miss Ryoki standing by the screen door. But wait, she was coming my way. Gently, she edged the door open and backed up. Dang dog. Was she teasing me? She already poops right outside my door (my door leads directly outside; she doesn’t poop in the
house). Great. Now, she’s found a new way to diss me. Which, I let her know I didn’t appreciate.

She then pushed the screen door open a little farther. Holy cow, I thought. Was she trying to open the door for me? I didn’t catch the open part quickly enough with my shoulder. So, testing the waters, I said “One more time Ryoki, I couldn’t get that one.” All the while five people were standing in the dining room; only a few feet into the house.

And, I’ll be damned. Ryoki not only opens the door, she opens it a bit wider and holds it until I catch it with my shoulder! I couldn’t believe it! I figured she was going to come outside and
that was her ultimate reason for opening the door. Yet as I nudged the screen door open, and took the one step up that led me into the house, she backs up, looks up at me wagging her tail and I swear people, she was smiling! She knew exactly what she was doing! Very impressive Ryoki!

I went around to every person in the house and bragged on her, considering they were content to ignore my pleas for someone to open the door, I felt I was justified.

As I relayed the story to my mom asked me “did she go on outside?” I proudly informed her, “No, she simply opened the door for me. Once she saw I had the door and was coming in, she backed up for me.”

How freakin’ genius is my dog?! And I thought she didn’t even like me, considering you know, the pooping outside my door and all. I think I can truly say she is my sister now with pride . . . after all, she still is a dog.

next time . . .


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