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{December 23, 2010}   Team Dog

I originally posted this blog in December 2010. I am reposting without changing a single word (yes, I see I have some grammar errors in there.. and yes I realize they no longer have Ozzy as their theme some and YES it’s aggravating me…let it go AJ… ) In HONOR of “Team Dog” I am reposting this….

Hello Every one, welcome back.

What do you think when I say the words bounty hunter? Let me rephrase that, take “Team Dog” out of your mind completely. Now, what do you think of when I say the words bounty hunter? A big burly fat guy wearing a white tee shirt, you know, one of the “wife beater” tees? Do you picture a tall muscular guy? Do they both have a smart ass mouth and a bad attitude that radiates “I’m better, stronger and tougher than you, and I can do whatever I want to get you?” Sort of like the pictures below:



Well, that’s what I thought. We had an incident in Jacksonville, Florida several years ago when a bounty hunter went after a suspect. What happened was horrible. Apparently, the bounty hunter either did not check the address, read it incorrectly or just really messed up. The point is, this man, a huge scary man with a loaded gun, kicked in the home of a family with small children. Needless to say, everyone in the house was terrified. As they tried to answer his rude and shouted questions, he barely seemed to listen. All I could think of was, “this is a bounty hunter?” I was watching it unfold and I was scared even though it was on TV.

It would not have been as traumatic had the bounty hunter not mistakenly raided a house that was no where near the home of his suspect and the home he hit, had never heard of this family.

Needless to say, this left a very bitter taste of the term bounty hunter, at least in my mind.

Then here comes this show on A&E featuring bounty hunters. Just wonderful, I thought. All I needed was to see a bunch of arrogant, selfish, jerks who thought they could do whatever they wanted because they held some form of authority and carried guns.

Of course, my dad had to watch the first show. When the music started, my ears perked up; Ozzy? Well, that’s cool, but doesn’t change the fact that he’s a jerk. He was a bounty hunter, after all. They are all jerks, right? However, I continued to watch the show with my dad. Holy cow, there’s a woman on this show! And, well, she has bigger boobs than Dolly’s, but why was she wearing heals? Was she seriously going to go out on a bounty? She’d break her neck in those heels! But, hey, she’s probably a jerk too, so what do I care? Wait, were her nails really that long? HA! It’s going to be funny when she (you know, her being a jerk and all) breaks one of those nails to the hilt! Yes, I realize this was very wrong of me to think and to judge. I’ve learned a lot since then. But I was waiting for these two people get there due. I mean, they were bounty hunters; they were jerks, right?

So, as that first show continues, dude with long dark hair in a braid walks in. Even better, I thought. Not only do we have these two, now they throw this one on us! Yes, definitely, he was a cocky young guy with tattoos all down his arms. Damn. I was irritated that the tattoos got to me. See, I kind of like the bad boys, so tattoos and cocky, I had to check myself. Mentally, I reminded my self, “he’s a jerk” all bounty hunters were. Then he opened his mouth. Oh, Lord, I was in some kind of trouble. He’s cocky, he has awesome tattoos, he’s funny . . . I am doomed with this one. So what if he is a jerk, I’ll let him pass, but only a little.

At the time, I believe it was only the three of them: Dog, Beth and Leland Chapman on the team. But in my defense, I sort of had trouble focusing after I had realized Leland possessed every one of the attractions that I fall for, and was trying to avoid. Who am I kidding, you? Yea, I didn’t think so.

To get on with it, they gear up, no guns? The stalk their prey, they capture the fugitive. Yes! Wait, damn, they have already intrigued me. But my complete 180˚ turn followed right after the capture. Before putting the guy in their car, Beth is….offering….him….food, and on her dime? What the heck? Oh, no! Dude, don’t eat it, they had to have put some thing in it!! They are bounty hunters! Yet the man ate and seemed no worse for the wear. Dog then offers a cigarette before they take him in. Something isn’t right with these people. They are talking to this fugitive, the same one that ran on their bond. I didn’t saying yelling, but talking to him about his future. Specifically, that this is the time he can change his life. I can’t even begin to explain the compassion each member of Team Dog was showing this fugitive, even though the team had to go hunt him down. This had to be a fluke. Or maybe Team Dog was just making good or the camera’s, it was their first show.

I set out to watch some footage of other bounty hunters. Mainly because the compassion Team Dog had shown this man, and how Dog talked to him brother to brother about changing his life. Well, let’s be a little more honest. I wanted to be able to watch Leland (I love that name) without feeling as if I were betraying the Jacksonville family.

Here’s basically here’s what my search led me to:



 1)      An overzealous “I have no neck” bully.



  2)     The old tough guy that doesn’t realize he lost “tough” a long time ago.



 3)     The guy who thinks he so smooth, he can talk his way into anywhere.


 4) And the guy that should have just gave up long ago.


 I didn’t understand how these people could do the same job so differently. I just knew there was something about the Chapman’s. I knew they were the real thing. I felt it each and every time after a capture, their compassion and their will to try to help these lost people. What’s that? Ok, jeez, most of it was being able to watch Leland, trying to play it cool here people!

 It is impossible to separate Team Dog from the Chapman family. They are one in the same. The love between not just Beth and Duane (sorry…Dog) but the love that Duane has for his kids and the love Beth has for her kids as well as Dog’s, well, I might was well say “their kids” because it is so clear that she loves those kids as her own. And it says a lot that they feel the same about her. How do I know this? Although Beth can hold her own, you do not mess with her. If you do, you’ll find yourself on the wrong end Leland’s fist. And that’s only because he can out run all the other boys and he’s the one that gets to her the quickest.

 This is truly the way all bounty hunters should conduct their business, not to mention families in general. Although, I still don’t know how Beth can run in those heels and normally the nails stay in tact. I have always thought Beth pretty, but when I saw the love toward her family and the compassion toward the captured, she turned absolutely beautiful.

 Long live Team Dog!


Until next time……Peace


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