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{January 26, 2011}   Finally…I Got Noticed!!

Hello everyone!

All of us want to get recognition at some point in our life. Whether it is during your childhood or maybe you played on your high school basketball team, it is probable to say part of you wanted some recognition for your ability.

I was no different. Well, up until high school, I just wanted to get through the day. Although I had played basketball since the second grade (they started us very early in the small town of Newark, Arkansas) it wasn’t until my high school years that I became comfortable being in front of the crowd that would gather to watch us play. I finally learned to actually forget that the crowd was even there and just do what I loved to do. Play basketball. Being five foot two, I constantly had to prove myself and my ability to rock the court. This was fine with me. I played point guard and it never failed when playing a new team, who ever was guarding me would cover me from about 5 to 7 feet back. I mean it was clear what they were thinking, “what’s this little thing going to do? She may be fast but she’s just a ball handler. Cover the tall girl; don’t let shorty get the ball to her.”


This mentality really was ok with me. As a matter of fact, I enjoyed it. I probably enjoyed it a little too much. To be 100% honest with you, I loved it. I know you’re on the edge of your seat wondering why, right? No worries, I am going to tell you. I love it because I always knew exactly how this would end. I had been through the same situation many times. Once we got the ball, whether it was a rush back to our end or as more commonly, at a slower pace as it was the beginning of the game, I’d call the play (I was also team captain my Senior year) let my team set up, then just as soon as everyone was in position and girl was 5 plus feet off me, I’d let it go . . . 3pts, bam! Needless to say, next time down the court, not only was girl basically on top of me, I could actually hear her couch yelling at her to “get on her!” Ah, but I loved that sound. Do you hear that? Is that the sound of all the short people going “whoop, whoop” I hear?

So, what is this all about? I loved that notice I received as a ball player. Now, I am experiencing the same thrill as I did back then. Yesterday, I ran across something that made me feel like I was set to take that 3 point shot, and yes, I held no doubt I would make the shot. If I can confidently say, without a doubt, it’s that I can play basketball. I have worked hard my entire life for the privilege to be able to say this. Even in my writing, I am confident, yet not as confident as I am on the court.

On October 11, 2010, I reached a new milestone. One of my blogs was published in the online magazine “The Writer’s Daily” ran my Carrie White. I had been in the Daily before, but only in the “tweet” capacity. In other words, when I would tweet something I saw in the news or the like, it would be placed in the Daily. So, I really didn’t count those as they were not my words. Don’t get me wrong, I am still honored to be mentioned in the Daily. Here is the link

When I saw my blog in the Daily on October 11, I was excited, in a state of disbelief that I was actually getting some notice, and very proud yet probably not for the reasons you may be thinking. I was so proud because this particular piece of work was very close to my heart. It was in celebration of my late brother’s birthday. If you go back on that date on my blog, you can read the blog I wrote in celebration for my brother, my protector, my best friend.

However, today, another huge milestone in my writing career happened! And I want to share every step of my journey with you all. You have all been so supportive!

Just by chance, I stumbled crossed something that completely stopped me in my tracks. It was a website, completely unknown to me. Guys, right there, under their “links” on their page was my blog link! Someone, unbeknownst to me, somehow found out about my blog and actually liked it enough to put it in there rotating line up of links! This is a huge step for me as a writer! And I so happy I am able to share this with you. You feel as part of my family. Some of you are my family. Here is the link . You may have to check it a few times as it is a rotating link.

A few other things happened this week that is quite amazing. First, I was asked… actually asked by a musician to write a review of his music. How cool is that! This review is a huge step because it introduces me to the music industry! I am just beside myself. I’m still a bit shell shocked.

Oh, and I can not forget the attention from Edward Burns. A genus in the Independent Film industry! Here’s hoping for a movie! Of course, you understand if Ed wants to do a screen play of my crazy life, the 3 books I have lined up after “Confessions” may have to wait a while. I mean really, do you honestly think I’d put Ed off? Pff…not gonna happen!

I know, wow. What else can I say? I’m a bit speechless! Yea, me!

Until next time……Peace


{November 8, 2010}   EHow….Seriously?

Hi everyone! Welcome….

Have you ever used the website “EHow” to look up instructions on how to fix a broken sink or how to get stains out of your carpet or maybe how to properly fix a hole in a paneled wall? EHow holds a wealth of information for those seeking useful information. However, EHow also contains some very odd instructions as well. Some, so ridiculous, you know I have to blog about it!

I wrote about Thaao Penghlis (ex Tony/Andre Days of Our Lives) last month and mentioned Tony’s “devilish father”.  Little did I know, a gold mine of a story was waiting and I was about to stumble right across it. I could not have planned it out this perfectly if I had tried. When I came across the following instructions by accident, I was astounded and knew I would have to blog about it. It just seems so ridiculous on so many levels.

If you’re not a Days of Our Lives fan, you may not be able to fully appreciate the irony of this particular EHow’s instructions. However, if you are a Days fan, these instructions will likely bring a smile to your face or possibly the laugh of incredibility as I experienced while reading the article. It was titled “How To Act Like Stefano DeMera From Days of Our Lives”.

When I told you about the character “Tony” (Thaao Penghlis) from Days of Our Lives, I mentioned his TV father. Well, Tony’s father is the one and only “Stefano DiMera”. Even if you are not a Days fan, chances are you have heard of this character. He is the “The Phoenix”. He has returned from the dead more times Naomi Campbell uses her phone to pummel her assistants.

The magnitude of Joseph Mascolo’s portrayal of Stefano is overwhelming. Between his years on and off of the show, starting in 1982, he has had conflicts with nearly the entire fictional town of Salem. Some of those characters have even lived to tell the tale. Salemites quake in fear when finding themselves on Stefano’s bad side, whether they let it show or not. The obvious fear can not be completely hidden. This is a character that comes once in a lifetime and only the most talented of actors can pull off such a dynamic character.

Joseph’s own style of owning this character has made it unacceptable for Days to recast another player to be Stefano. The fans will not allow it, including myself. I believe the Days higher ups, know that Joseph is the only one that has what it takes to scare the people of Salem, as well as the audience at times, as no other character in soap opera history. There is only one Joseph Mascolo and only one Stefano DiMera.

To act like Stefano DeMera, EHow’s instructions tell the reader to speak with an Italian accent (Stefano is from Italy) wear expensive suits since Stefano is in control of a billion dollar fortune. As well as, be arrogant, and have a sinister laugh. What??

There is no way to incorporate the stature, ruthlessness, a true sinister laugh that reaches out from the TV screen and puts that little bit of fear in your heart while knowing this is just a character in a soap opera.

EHow, some instructions should never reach the stage of print consideration. Someone can not learn how to be Stefano. You are either a Stefano DeMera or your not. There is but one Stefano. So, I would suggest that you take those instructions and use them to lite your next fire. Then sit back and enjoy the real Stefano put into place his next evil deed as only Joseph can bring it.

Until next time….Peace


{October 14, 2010}   Yankee, Mets and Braves

Hi everyone, welcome!

I am in a bit of a dilemma. Everyone that knows me, knows I bleed red and blue….Atlanta Braves red and blue. I mean, everything I sign up for I try to use the name asjbraves. I sincerely get pissed when it’s taken and I have to add to it. But there are enough players that I love and I can add their jersey number to it.

Since I was ten or so, and saw the Braves play on TBS I have loved them. But as soon as I saw that magnificent #3, Dale Murphy, I was HOOKED. I still love Dale. He’s a wonderful guy and does a lot for the youth, even if at last count, he had 8 boys of his own. You heard me right.

The Braves have been a constant in my life. Dale, Bob Horner and Bruce Benedict, those are the people I knew and grew up watching. Back when Bobby Cox was the Assistant Manager and Joe Torre was the manager. I have a lot of memories that center around the Braves. I remember when Pascual Perez stubbornly went to the locker room and put a turtleneck shirt under his jersey instead of taking off a “disrupting” gold chain then went on to continue pitching (hey, I was with him all the way on this one). Did I mention it was in the mid to high 90’s? I remember, very clearly, how I cried and cried and then cried some more when they traded Brett Butler. They even played a song for his last game “Every Breath You Take” by The Police, showing clips of his career in Atlanta. They are really inter-grained into my life.

This brings me to this unusual confliction I am having. See, when I became an adult, I still loved the Braves. But I also loved…..Mike Piazza. Whose with me on that? So, it was ok for me to like the Dodgers and then later the New York Mets as second best because Mike played for those teams. However, the Braves have always stayed in the top spot. And still do. I even once considered getting a Braves tattoo. Either the tomahawk or the “A” that stood for the Braves.

So what is the problem? A little over a year ago, I moved out in the middle of no where. I was so far into the country, cable didn’t come out that far. We had so many trees that satellite could only get a 50% signal. Needless to say, I was limited to local channels. Whatever baseball that the local channels aired, I was restricted to. Surprisingly, even though I live so close to Georgia, they did not show many Braves games, very few Mets games but A LOT of Yankee games.

I began to know the Yankee players like I had known my Braves. Watching CC Sabathia pitch was like a work of art! Such a huge guy, but oh so smooth of a pitch!

Mark Teixeira at first base….beautiful site! Speaking of beautiful sites, watching Derek Jeter stride around the bases with amazing speed….well, let’s just say Jeter has a lot going for him!

So, now I have watched the Yankees for 2 years and not been able to watch the Braves at all. Holy crap! I was a Yankees fan!!! WHAT???? I had committed the ultimate betrayal.

I had to reassess everything I knew. I like the Yankees. I have followed them for 2 years. However, now that I am back at my dad’s and I have satellite, the Braves are now “actively” back on top!

I don’t think I’ll ever shake the fondness I have for the Yankees since they wormed their way into my heart. I’m just glad I bleed red and blue again!

Until next time…..Peace


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