How I Ended Up This Way's Blog

{November 10, 2010}   My Sincerest Thanks



Hi everyone! Welcome!

It has been a very stressful and long day! However, I knew I could not skip on this blog! You guys are the greatest! Just like this little boy in the above picture, you guys always pull through for me.

Yesterday’s post was very emotional. It was so hard to face and actually tell you guys the most intimate details of my emotional well being at the time. Telling you was not the hardest part. Facing it was the hardest part.

You guys have, in the past, given me so much support and comfort, I knew I would have no trouble sharing the crazy feelings with you. If I could only get the words out on to paper, I knew I would make it. I did and you guys filled my heart with the comfort and love that makes me keep going. That’s what makes me continue to write on this path of rediscovery and share every emotional, corny, weird, random and well, frankly sometimes warped thoughts that flow through my brain. And for that, my friends, my family, I am forever grateful.

Not one of my readers do I appreciate more than the rest. Many of you retweet my blog each and everytime I Post it, usually announcing it twice a day. So, a special thanks goes out to you!

I would like thank my friend Leann Rimes for not only being a wonderful and supportive friend, but also for taking the time out of her crazy crazy schedule while she’s hitting Nashville with her new CD release, to retweet and ask her some 85,000 followers to read her friend’s blog. Yes, this blog is about me, however, it’s also about every other woman/man that have had these feelings. And if I can make that one person laugh as you all make me laugh, I am so honored to do so. So thank you Leann for opening up such a huge opportunity for my words to reach so many people, some who may need a life line to hand on to however, they are feeling completely alone and lost among 85,ooo people. Thank you for your beauiful heart!

I love you all!

Oh, one more thing, if your see this guy, send him my way, will ya?

Until next time……Peace



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