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{December 30, 2010}   I Kissed a 300lb Clown

Hello everyone, welcome back!

You may be wondering what exactly I meant by the title of this blog. Surely, I really did not kiss a 300lb clown, right? That’s just plain ridiculous! You may be more inclined to believe the title if it were something like “I Kissed A Girl” or “I Kissed The Bartender”. Am I right? Would the thought of me kissing a girl or the bartender be more comforting for you? Well, I assure you, I wish I could have titled this blog either of those titles other than the one I forced to acknowledge.

Yes, I shamefully admit, I kissed a 300lb clown. Not just a 300lb clown but a “disgruntled 300lb clown”. Sigh. Give me a chance to explain, if this sort of thing can ever be explained away.



When I began this blog, I wrote how I wanted to help others that were going through some of the same issues, feelings and disappointments I had recently experienced. I wanted to show those same people, no matter how they felt now, no matter how hopeless things seemed, they were not in this alone. I wanted to show, it is possible to find the lost person inside of you; it was only a matter of whether or not you wanted to begin the journey that would lead you down this path.

During all this, I made a promise. I would always be honest, with myself and my readers. As painful and embarrassing as it is sometimes, I have done my best to be completely honest. I will not post, unless I can be honest. So, yes, I kissed a 300lb clown. If I keep saying that, maybe it won’t seem so weird. It’s not working for me so far.

Here’s the situation. After my ex left, several months after, I went to Macon, GA where my best friend lives. She and I went to the Comedy Club which is right next to a very popular club called Whiskey River. Due to where my life was at the time, and my feelings of hurt, betrayal and my short comings, I would drink quite a bit. My kids were never with me when I drank, but I drank all the same.

After drinking for hours, we were set to leave, quite buzzed. We were standing outside speaking with a nice guy but trying to shake him. The clown and his opening comedy act (the Clown is actually really popular and has a great career) were both standing out on the balcony and sent their security guard down to us to ask if we were ok and ask would we have a moment to speak with them.

Pretty cool, huh? This had never happened to me before. Still buzzed, we followed him to the balcony. Now, things are a little fuzzy here. I personally believe it’s the denial that immediately kicked in after the buzz wore off a few hours later. However, John (the clown) somehow got my number. People, we are talking a very successful comedy act here. He even had a yacht in South Beach. I guess that is why, at that particular time, I said “why not” and let him. . . hold on a sec . . . got to take a few deep breaths. Ok, the kiss happened. Ewww…


So, that is how my night of feeling less than the person I now, know I am, mixed with a good buzz led me to kiss “The Disgruntled Clown”. It took me a lot longer, however, to live down the actual fact that I really let this happen. Needless to say, my best friend loved this night!

Word of advice, don’t get buzzed around clowns. I’m just saying.


I have to go take something that will wipe this memory from my mind. Damn being honest with you people!

Until next time……Peace



Jessica says:

OMG that’s the clown u kissed?? Yikes!

*Gulp* yea, that’s him….

smarina77 says:

Dude that is the best advice you could ever give!
Do not I repeat Do not get drunk around a clown.

right? now why didnt someone tell me that????


i never knew….

I’m sorry to break it to you like this!! But, yes it happened…..

Man…I really dressed like a clown when I was drunk and fat? Wow…I was a stud, wasn’t I?

THAT was YOU??? Now, I feel proud!!! HEY….I KISSED A CLOWN!!! LOL

Joel parker says:

AJ thank you for speaking to me.
I’ve lost my way, been through some tough times in the past & right at this moment.
I’m still here. I’ve changed since my divorce in 2004. I’m not the same person that was married for 22 yrs, I’ve become a better person. Thank you so much for your blog AJ. God bless.

You don’t have to thank me for speaking with you! I enjoy it.

It is very hard when you lose that person. I did as well. But finally found her again actually, found a better “her”. I hated the person I had become. Now, I love the person I am.

As you go back and read some of the older blogs, you’ll learn alot more about me and all the crap that led me to find and learn to embrace the person I am. You too, will find that person again. You just have to look.


Michelle says:

I remember that! LMAO that was good times

What was that? I no longer remember this night of horrors!! now, I’m afraid of clowns!! LOL

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